What True Love Really Is

1. You must care for the broken
2. You must imagine the best in people
3. You must be kind and merciful
4. You must forgive
5. You must be loyal to yourself and others
6. You must be generous
7. You must be patient


Elasmotherium - A big rhinoceros that existed as early as 29,000 years ago also known as Siberian Unicorn.

Girl's jaw hung by 1cm of skin after horse riding accident. Emily Eccles' injuries were the worst her surgeon had seen outside a war zone. Ricardo Mohammed-Ali, facial reconstructive surgeon rebuilt her face during a 5 1/2 hour operation. The picture is h…

This helmet belonged to Tadakatsu, known as “the Samurai of Samurais” and “the Warrior Who Surpassed Death”, because he fought over 55 battles without ever sustaining a serious injury. Dating from the latter half of the 16th century [640x1578]


This one is mine!
After months of pruning, watering, fertilizing and rotating, this morning my morning glory bloomed. ✨

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If you want to preserve your relationship, don’t discuss your relationship in negative terms with anyone else who you would ever even consider being involved with.

Shirley P. Glass Ph.D.


Floating casino barge parked on the highway in Biloxi, MS after Hurricane Katrina, September 2005.

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making a bit more history. A woman will join head coach Nick Nurse's staff this season. The team's data analyst Brittni Donaldson is being promoted to an asst coaching position, becoming 10th female in to so. 📷 @brittni_d@twitter.com

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In interstellar film, time is so important that even the ship is shaped like a clock where each compartment represents one hour. when the ship becomes sticky in space and has to be recovered, the song that plays during the scene is "No TIME for Caution"

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