Højskoles in Denmark remind me of the feel of not back to school camp. It's great to be running a workshop at Brandbjerg Højskole on creativity and sustainability.

This would get me to the bar, and depending on the answers, probably get me drinking.
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After my local bar was renovated, I wasn't surprised to find an upscale decor and pricey new cocktails. But every Thursday now features a NonTrivia Contest, with teams having to answer questions like "How do we create meaning in the face of mortality?"

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“Time to examine what black history has always shown us: how 100’s of years of codified oppression, groupthink, hypocrisy, lies and political cowardice have made possible, and palatable, the political oppression and moral corruption of the current moment.” nytimes.com/2020/02/19/opinion

Went to dinner with the wife and the waiter asked me if I'd like something to drink. All I could think to reply in Danish was "I don't like drinks." Sucking at languages is so embarrassing.

What are best strategies for automating cross posting from Mastodon to FB?

Seeing the dates of all bandcamp weekly radio shows collapsed to December 31 1969 reminds me of @mako ‘s great blog about learning from errors. Somebody ought to make a podcast.

this talk by @mako last year on how the tools of free software have been co-opted in order to create freedom for companies instead of freedom for humans did a great job of bringing together a bunch of threads I've been following recently as well as pointing out new insights and ways forward.

highly recommended if you care about ways in which software can help people and are concerned about our work being subverted.


“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” -Frederick Douglass

I have friends coming over to barbecue and it started raining, so I whipped up this little shelter in about 30 minutes.

Made my website solar powered. Working on reporting charge stats next. solar.amosamos.net/

Arguing with people about institutional processes and silly regulations that don't make sense in our context is like taking a beating. I only have so many hit points; I must choose my battles carefully.

Hey @moa_party - seems like the party is over? My last few toots haven't made it over to that bird place.

My website is now served from a solar-powered raspberry pi sitting in my home workshop. They are artisinal bits. solar.amosamos.net/

Still wondering where to go with this art piece involving suspending plants up in the air in pallets. Maybe I should try making the suspending ropes look dangerously frayed?

Solar powered raspberry pi webserver. (Still in development.)

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