Reading Saramago's Blindness and it's hard going and beautiful in a way that's difficult to explain. When I'm through I'll need a pat on the shoulder and a stiff drink, and offer the same to you.

My bud Miles (@sparks) pointed out a long-lasting side effect of working on or with Scratch today: improper capitalization when saying things like "Let's do it from Scratch."

I am wondering how well this sideview mirror for video calls works for things like knitting together, or building LEGO, or drawing together online?

Experiments with inviting friends to virtually visit and manipulate projections on my wall using .

We take a walk to the "Awesome Tree" every day and snap a photo.

Inside of the wood workshop is coming along. It's fun to learn to use a nailgun.

Loving this ecobatt insulation. It cuts like cake and doesn't hurt your hands.

“Even though our economic system ignores reality, we can act when we have to. At the very least, we are all freaking out together. To my mind, this new sense of solidarity is one of the few reassuring things to have happened in this century. If we can find it in this crisis, to save ourselves, then maybe we can find it in the big crisis, to save our children and theirs.”

Here's a little sideview mirror I hacked up so people can see faces and hands in video calls.

Sad to see how Apple plays the monopolist by intentionally complicating the import / export of media in iMovie. The entire user experience suffers.

Paper roll for sketching on the wall in your workshop, an IKEA hack.

Woot! My imprecise word clock app (aka the "No Shit Sherlock Clock") got accepted into the Bangle.js watch app store! Get one and you too can know about what time it is, approximately.

This is karmic retribution for inventing a semi-famous scratch project that you play by making noise: my kid plays it a lot.

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