Really need to start using this site again but I’m loving the attention of being girl on main too much from twitter


Haven’t been on here much since coming out on twitter but have some crossposted selfies

It really is depressing how the puriteen queers made their way from tumblr to twitter and started relentlessly harassing trans women who dare to show anything other than shame wrt their own sexuality and if you so much as question whether this is maybe bad you get accused of promoting incest and also of being a pedophile

@HTHR I raise you "white pawn promoted to black knight". It may not be as cool but it's notable

I swear to god the state of the homestuck fandom can literally be summed up with the reject modernity embrace tradition meme except its with homestuck^2 and homestuck 1

covid, uspol, the carceral state 

"April 7, 2020. FCI Elkton Federal Prison.

Tent in the courtyard where dead bodies are being kept. People inside the building itself are kept in cells, allowed to be infected by others regardless of social distancing mandate. Potentially hundreds of infected individuals being left to die. These prisons are now death camps.

This is not a drill."

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sometimes I have the irrational thought that somehow I tricked myself into thinking I was a girl and honestly even if that was somehow the case good decision me


Would love it if my future self from a few years from now could travel back in time and tell me that it’s alright and that I’m going to make a cute girl and to stop googling ‘how old is too old to transition’ even though I know I’m just being irrational

have you ever seen new internet lingo that describes something that is so immediately relatable that it makes sense without an explanation or context? Anyway that was me with doomscrolling

Really not a huge fan of the Center left narrative that every alternative to corporate social media is ‘for nazis’ like yeah gab is and there are others but there’s a group of people basically pushing the idea that the only reason you would want to get away from corporate social media is if you want to go there to support or discuss something immoral or illegal

Guess who has a follow up appointment to get E on the 30th??

What if I were to pretend to be cis for 25 years, just as a bit

Been running it through my head for awhile now and it just sorta fits

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the ghislaine maxwell reddit conspiracy shit is absolutely wild

Hrt side effects update 

After my panic attack last night I decided not to take my gfs estrogen and just took spiro and I gradually had less and less energy throughout the day, starting out really energetic and now am basically unable to bring myself to do anything, so I think it’s safe to say my hypothesis was correct

Hrt side effects 

Also every time I’ve taken estrogen I’ve had this weird headache that almost feels like my brain is being blasted by something. It starts about 30 mins after taking it and lasts for another 30 mins or so. Does anyone who takes estrogen remember anything similar happening and is able to advise?

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Hrt side effects 

So I’ve been taking 200mg spiro daily for a couple weeks now and I’ve basically been depressed as fuck. Like more depressed than before. I figured it was because of the lack of hormones and just as a test started taking some of my girlfriends estrogen (just 2mg once per day which might be too high a dose all at once). Yesterday I did it and felt great. Today I did the same thing and after feeling good at first it triggered a panic attack.

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