Really need to start using this site again but I’m loving the attention of being girl on main too much from twitter

More complaining about tankies 

@Anarkat at the end of the day I will work with anyone who is willing to at least commit to having an open discourse about how structures of power will be built post revolution that is in genuinely good faith that takes both Marxist and anarchist positions into account because *that* is left unity. Expecting our help without any intention of taking us seriously is not.

More complaining about tankies 

@Anarkat I mean yeah I wholly agree but if you say this anywhere a Leninist can hear you, you get called an anti communist. On some level I want to work with anyone else who wants to overthrow capitalism but if they are going to simply start repressing me and everyone I’m sympathetic to the moment they get in power there really any point.


Haven’t been on here much since coming out on twitter but have some crossposted selfies

It really is depressing how the puriteen queers made their way from tumblr to twitter and started relentlessly harassing trans women who dare to show anything other than shame wrt their own sexuality and if you so much as question whether this is maybe bad you get accused of promoting incest and also of being a pedophile

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@HTHR I raise you "white pawn promoted to black knight". It may not be as cool but it's notable

they also did this with act 6 so I shouldnt be surprised

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I swear to god the state of the homestuck fandom can literally be summed up with the reject modernity embrace tradition meme except its with homestuck^2 and homestuck 1

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covid, uspol, the carceral state 

"April 7, 2020. FCI Elkton Federal Prison.

Tent in the courtyard where dead bodies are being kept. People inside the building itself are kept in cells, allowed to be infected by others regardless of social distancing mandate. Potentially hundreds of infected individuals being left to die. These prisons are now death camps.

This is not a drill."

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@kate thank you, I have no in n outs in my city where I live in canada but five guys is super overrated, their burgers are always soggy and their shakes fucking suck

sometimes I have the irrational thought that somehow I tricked myself into thinking I was a girl and honestly even if that was somehow the case good decision me


Would love it if my future self from a few years from now could travel back in time and tell me that it’s alright and that I’m going to make a cute girl and to stop googling ‘how old is too old to transition’ even though I know I’m just being irrational

have you ever seen new internet lingo that describes something that is so immediately relatable that it makes sense without an explanation or context? Anyway that was me with doomscrolling

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