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I fucking hate how epilogue hate has prevented us from critical analysis of the epilogues because theres so much interesting and nuanced stuff going on. Like how the candy epilogues are a metaphor for reconciling the queer experience of existing in a repressive society which has stolen away your chance to live freely as the person you *could* have been, without the conditioning and repression of our current society, and still accepting the person you became despite that

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For the record that was my reason too

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nsfw, porn discussion, transphobia 

Absolutely love that some academic terf took it upon himself to watch a whole bunch of sissy hypno in order to determine whether it is used by the trans cult to mind control people, and that he had his finger on the pause button the whole time in case it starts sucking him in

my favourite movie as a kid was the little mermaid and tbh? that movie has trans vibes

Since basically everyone I’m mutuals with on here are trans, how did y’all pick your names? I am currently struggling to come up with one and I need inspiration

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Maybe I’ll go for a walk outside this evening but idk if I’m brave enough

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Hmm tempted to get dressed up and take some pics tn

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Hmph! Back in MY day we didn’t HAVE horny TF games. Instead, we wandered around in nethack looking for a polymorph trap that would change our ascii symbol into another ascii symbol and BY GOD WE LIKED IT

you ever think about how chumbawamba is mostly known for tubthumping instead of their entire career of being hardcore anarchists and generally doing awesome shit like dumping a bucket of cold ice water on Tony Blair's deputy prime minister at the BRIT Awards and changing the lyrics of tubthumping to accuse new labour of being sellouts

I would like to be a nameless form society is oppressing me by forcing me to be referred to

please do not refer to me, I wish not to be referred to

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as someone who literally created several dnd characters who had no name for ~mysterious reasons~ (aka Im terrible at picking names) Ive been out to some people for several months and still have no fucking clue what my name is going to be

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thinking about back when I came out as bi I always found it weird that although I was attracted to men I rarely ever gravitated to pornographic content between two very masculine guys. Whenever I watched 'gay porn' it was always with like a masculine dude and like a femboy or a twink or whatever, and I always thought I was faking it, but like irl I was attracted to muscular dudes so I never really understood it.

And now its kinda just like.. ohh OHHH THATS WHY

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"humans are the disease" factoid actualy just ecofascist rhetoric. average person ruins 0 planets per year. Capitalism Georg, who lives in cave & ruins over 10,000 each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

my girlfriend and I have been up since yesterday resetting our sleep schedules (its been bad, weve been sleeping from 3 til noon) and let me tell you my existence is a living hell rn

Thinking of going on twitter and just posting dogshit political takes like Lenin was an anarchist just to make every tendency angry at me

the endless struggle of needing feedback on your voice training but also not wanting other people to hear your 'incomplete' voice

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