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i wrote a cross-stitching cellular automata to find a path that uses the minimum amount of thread possible

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please reply to this tweet with the last dog pic or video you've saved on your phone. i’ll start:

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Instead of diversity panels, just have panels of diverse talent speaking about their craft and not their minority status. Instead of articles about celebrating diversity, just have articles about people who are KILLING it and happen to have had to fight against the odds.

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23. Name one thing that would make you feel more comfortable being gay in the RPG scene?
If all conventions had and enforced the safety and harassment policies of @DE_Gaming@twitter.com cons. There isn't another con group out there that makes me feel safer or more accepted.

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Men on the internet: WhY aRe TiFa'S bOoBs So SmAlL????


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Eccentric Millionaire: I’ve invited you to my private island because I crave the deadliest game...

Me: (nodding) Knife Monopoly

Eccentric Millionaire: I was actually going to hunt you for sport, but now I’m really interested in whatever Knife Monopoly is

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At airport:

Rept: I'm a reporter who travels to Mexico a lot.
CBP: What's your story on?
Rept: I'm a US citizen.
CBP: That wasn't the question.
Rept: I'd like to call a lawyer
CBP: No.
Reporter after 3 hours in detention: Thanks for the new story.


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casting director: okay so this character has no idea how to sit properly who should w

david tennant, visibly vibrating: i’ll take it

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anathema: i thought you two were a couple

aziraphale: no, how could you even think that?

anathema, to everyone in the room: raise your hand if you thought aziraphale and crowley were a couple

everyone: [raises their hand]

aziraphale: crowley, why are YOU raising your hand

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22. What do gay adventurers do during downtime?
I wish I had a funnier answer for this one but honestly, based on my friends, they do all the same things as straight ones. The only difference is there's a lot more talking about how sexy the evil lady villain is.

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People talk about caterpillars becoming a butterflies as though they just go into a cocoon, slap on wings, and are good to go.

Caterpillars have to dissolve into a disgusting pile of goo to become butterflies.

So if you’re a mess wrapped up in blankets right now, keep going.

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I swear, every time a storyboarder is like "ok this next scene is just some mechanical stuff to show that they're doing things", every animator starts breathing heavily.

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Hey big ups to David Tennant for figuring out how to walk like a snake would walk if a snake had legs.

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