*Marvin Gaye voice*
Banishing a demon?
You need Hexual Sealing

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I need y’all to stop what you’re doing if possible, and read this article Dani wrote. Share it. Support indigenous people’s during this super violent months by understanding why these costumes are a problem and checking your peers.

Indigenous women have some of the highest rates of sexual assault and violence by non native men, and the underlying reasonings for being targeted are directly related to ongoing erasure, fetishization and genocide.


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@Lilrednacho I guess it's only racist on a scale of how many pearls you have on hand to clutch. seriously this enrages me Time to go and yell at Yandy

Lol Yandy is now deleting all the bad reviews on the fb page

@Lilrednacho None of us is free unless all of us is free.

We’ve surpassed 10k signatures! Thank you so much for your support! My peers and I have been writing, emailing and tweeting @yandy but they continue to ignore us.

@Lilrednacho Done and done (and thank you for sharing-- now lets see if they actually *do* anything).

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