sorry, rambling; I had a few medication shifts and I'm adjusting still to them.

but there is a concept in Japanese that is meant to convey that someone is being falsely activist in order to garner positive reputation, I think? roughly. but I'm drawing a blank on the term itself. (and it's less an epithet in some ways than 'virtue signaling', IIRC, b/c it's seen as fairly commonplace in certain contexts, and the term is only applied to people who "go too far" with it? I think)

@sydneyfalk @Lilrednacho I usually call it "pseudo"+whatever the narcissist is trying to fake, e.g. pseudo-feminism, or pseudo-ally, or, if the specifics aren't too important, just plain narcissist/-ic/-ism ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

but yeah, we need more precise words like gaslighting!


there aren't really great terms for these things, IMO precisely because they're difficult topics for a lot of humanity in general; the lust for the slim chance of being seen as purely altruistic is what negates the exact altruism they want, unfortunately.

fear, greed (of money or of other resources in general), pride -- all things that drive a need to be seen as "doing good"

this is the kind of thing shitbags have labeled "virtue signaling", which struck me as flatly inane...

@Lilrednacho hey new language for the relevant times gotta start somewhere 🤷‍♀️👍

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Is there a word or phrase for that dynamic where people try to approximate to a group using overly nice gestures but ultimately for their own means to an end? Or how when valid criticisms of their inability to respect boundaries are deflected because of all the nice things they do?

-capitalist voice- I love Mondays! Time to monetize someone else’s labor

I've been mostly hermiting aside from inktober posts lately, but here are some of the lovely folks I lurk for ._.
#ff / #followfriday

@Furrama - Very cute arts, especially creatures

@Rek - Also lives on a boat, awesome creator and artist

@Lilrednacho - A wonderful voice who brings attention to issues facing indigenous peoples (as well as other groups) and also, sweet makeup.

@carouselboi - Lovely arts and very relateable content.

*Marvin Gaye voice*
Banishing a demon?
You need Hexual Sealing

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I need y’all to stop what you’re doing if possible, and read this article Dani wrote. Share it. Support indigenous people’s during this super violent months by understanding why these costumes are a problem and checking your peers.

Indigenous women have some of the highest rates of sexual assault and violence by non native men, and the underlying reasonings for being targeted are directly related to ongoing erasure, fetishization and genocide.


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