Hey OCT is a hella violent month for indigenous people and we fight exploitation via capitalism year round. Help us with a small win this time? Sign and share this petition to get Yandy to take down their racist costumes:



If you haven’t heard about Yandy, they pulled their Handmaiden costume cause a bunch of white women complained about it. So naturally we as indigenous folks asked Yandy again to pull their costumes. The company said they would not unless enough people demonstrated against it.

I need others to understand and truly unpack how white feminism is constantly privileged over indigenous humanity. Like this should serve as a blatant example of how we allot humanity to one group while denying another’s. I’m tired of us having to fight for our humanity to be acknowledged.

If your ideology regarding liberation excludes indigenous peoples humanity then fuck you, your praxis is garbage.

Anyways please sign and share the above petition in solidarity with indigenous people!

We’ve surpassed 10k signatures! Thank you so much for your support! My peers and I have been writing, emailing and tweeting @yandy but they continue to ignore us.

Lol Yandy is now deleting all the bad reviews on the fb page

@Lilrednacho the stories are all too similar for the last few hundred years. from continental natives, across oceans to africa and the middle east, to the jungles of cambodia, bolivia, and brazil. the suffering has had no boundaries, and yet still found is insistence of patience to its resignation, which doesn't seem to be coming.

@Lilrednacho I guess it's only racist on a scale of how many pearls you have on hand to clutch. seriously this enrages me Time to go and yell at Yandy

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