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Leo Loikkanen :fi: @LimbClock

Playing PErsona 5.

I hate the dungeons love the rest.

I debate how much fun i'm having.

"The Last Night Dev's GG affiliation won't affect the game."

(Excerpt from The Last Night's steam page: store.steampowered.com/app/612) mastodon.social/media/Cj1GSe4t

I found an old thing i drew with Deluxe Paint under DosBox: goo.gl/photos/VhTeZu2bkwtj47ae

@theoutrider also something tells me "this is a prototype"

@theoutrider i wouldn't use it to play my records, mind. unless it's one of those digital ones.

A virtual Fidget Spinner

(submitted by madhukarah)

Neat, i'm going to Dublin in august :D

@make Still raining in Lahti. And i need to go outside today. *moan*

One of my recent donation drawings! I'm really proud of this one! mastodon.art/media/8nMVzApToQY

@fireh9lly But it's been going on for a while now...

Man, i think i'm slowly losing my creativitiy. I can't seem to be able to do anything.

Android Malware Detection Using Machine Learning

(submitted by lainon)

@TrollDecker yeah it's getting colder here this week.

@nev about 20C right now, but next week's gonna be chilly. Make my words, it's gonna be a rainy summer.

@nev If finland could get a week of warmth this summer, that would be icing on the lake.