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Leo Loikkanen :fi: @LimbClock

Playing Kona.

Everything Is in French.

I know i'm in canada.

Something clicks.

"fuck, i'm not equipped to handle quebec"

Osteoporosis :sunglasses:

Anyone know if there's a good color calibration software, preferbably one under BSD or MIT Licenses. GPLv2 preferred, GPLv3 if no other options available.

WELL. I had to get a new display! during yesterday night and today, my old display BROKE

@tindall it's not like it's rocket science!!!!

If you do this, you'll get near real-time speeds, abeit with 720P if you have PS4 Classic. With PS4 Pro you get 1080P streaming

Protip if you have a PC and a PS4 and you want to remote play PS4 on the PC, make sure both are connected via Ethernet to the same modem

@LinuxSocist (both my PS4 and my PC are connected via Ethernet to the modem)

@LinuxSocist no wonder that when my PS4 and PC are connected the remote play is really fast :D

@LinuxSocist THANK YOU FOR TEACHING ME THIS. i can now relaz a bit.

Seriously the more i read about the specs of this newegg.com/Product/Product.asp the more confused i'm getting.

modem question if a modem has gigabit ethernet, but you're getting the speeds via cable do devices connected to the modem with ether net get 1Gbps if you have a 1Gbps cable internet connection?

Please, i just need to know if i need to spend 128 euros on a new modem

please help me please i need help:

HOW IN THE FUCK can i found out the max downstream speed supported by the Cisco EPC3828 modem?

Why is it easier to think and process and convey information via an email rather than it is by talking to a person who is in the room with you?

Well i got Horizon Zero Dawn from the library but i also have Nier Automata and both games feel really really long and i have no idea if i can finish them

Ok wow, how is Samurai Jack Season 5 episode 3 be able to get away with the stuff they do with a TV 14 rating?


@batterpunts OK, well i'm leaving to helsinki today so i can't plug the thing in just yet...