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National Security Agencies Are [still] Evading Congressional Oversight.

Many congresscritters accept the agencies' claims without question, or allow themselves to be brushed off with "it's a secret".

avendo l'impressione di essere vivi e , quindi irreali . trovarsi su un social più o meno anonimo all'una e trenta di notte e scrivere pensiere che probabilmente mai nessuno leggerà .

(...) noi vogliamo che gli uomini affratellati da una solidarietà cosciente e voluta cooperino tutti volontariamente al benessere di tutti; noi vogliamo che la società sia costituita allo scopo di fornire a tutti gli esseri umani i mezzi per raggiungere il massimo benessere possibile, il massimo possibile sviluppo morale e materiale; noi vogliamo per tutti pane, libertà, amore, scienza. (...) »
Errico , Il Programma , 1919

Imagen de realidad que no debe ser ocultada. Contra represión/autoritarismo de quienes nos quieren ver enfrentándonos entre iguales 🏴‍☠️🇻🇪

Untreated sewage in the
has blocked electricity for , so its wastewater treatment plants are shut down. The intense pollution of the Mediterranean by untreated sewage has spread to Israel's coast and is making desalination plants shut down, thus leaving short of water,7340,L

crackers plant false agencies say that Russian crackers planted a false news story which led to economic warfare between and .
It seems that the US agencies want to avoid the economic warfare, while the troll desired it.

“I don't believe there will ever be a society in which man is free”
Pier Paolo (1968)

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Open your eyes. Enough is enough. (link:

Energy is the biggest production cost. Here are some considerations for saving resources and money. (link:

IN NAZI STYLE PROPAGANDA, the state have turned the Kurds, an oppressed people, into 'terrorists' to justify attempted annihilation.

Tomorrow the (IMCO) vote on . Read why it could become a

Evening Album
‘Songs From The Wood’
s tenth album was inspired by 's departure to a more rural environment in a transition which bore clear influence on the writing and recording process, with the band notably doffing a cap to British folklore and countryside.
“It was a very tight band, one of the strongest line-ups Tull ever had…
, and - .

Cannabis as an Exit Drug for Opiate Addiction link:
“Harm reduction forms an integral component of HIV and drug policy and programmes within most Western European countries. Almost every country with reported injecting drug use has key harm reduction interventions in place. Several countries also include drug consumption rooms, syringe vending machines and the prescription of injectable OST and pharmaceutical heroin among their harm reduction interventions.“

“Is This the Life We Really Want?”
Broken Bones,
Non possiamo riportare indietro le lancette
Non possiamo tornare indietro nel tempo
Ma possiamo dire:
Vaffanculo, non ascolteremo
Le vostre stronzate e le vostre bugie

We cannot turn back the clock
Cannot go back in time
But we can say:
Fuck you, we will not listen to
Your bullshit and lies
Non possiamo tornare indietro, però possiamo cambiare.