So, I never really thought of as anything especially interesting until I looked more into .

The Energy Gang: Will Electric Buses Take Over the Transit World?

@Lingondraken Proterra really is an interesting one. (I'll need to get that podcast into my queue.)

Jealous they are not active in Europe. Here they are faffing around with trials HEV busses where I am and biogas in cities (from food compost). Sure better than pure diesel, but it won't exactly progress far from that. Air quality, please!

@Lingondraken AFAIK they've adapted their roof-mount fast charging system to support a catenary and pantograph instead of the blade system that they use for fast charging at stops here, specifically for any European customers that want it.

I feel like BYD has more resources aimed at the European market, though. (Interestingly, Alexander Dennis is selling BYD-powered double deckers in Europe, and Proterra-powered double deckers in the US.)

@bhtooefr @Lingondraken

Every (or most, at least) American bus company is starting to offer battery electric and trolleypole+supercap-or-battery electric buses. A couple states mandating a move toward electric seems to be *most* of what really got it going, though I think it would be fair to say that, say, Washington State looking at Proterra and saying "hey why isn't everyone building this?" really started it.

in general to some degree with in mind will overtake the for People. 😏

10-15 Years is my guess until this change of will actuall happen. 🤔😃

When it comes to this vision of automated pods and vehicles; I believe it when I see it. And while I am sure it should be doable in huge cities in warmer regions, I struggle to see the point (and even need?) in less dense areas, as well as problems with more rough road conditions (snow, mud, dust, etc) outside metropolises.


As the evolves, so will the . All these Problems with that for the Pod like or still have right now is a a Problem of the Software. There will be the Day, will find a for that and then Things will start , literally. 😊

Well, in Scandinavia we usually joke about Teslas (we have one in the family, great vehicle, but...) on how they are made in California, where it never snows or rains and how road conditions could not be more different there from here with much fewer motorways and loads of more cumbersome conditions. The autopilot cameras and radar is basically not usable in snowy conditions because it gets covered by snow in just a kilometer or two of driving.

Yepp, i totally understand your point. 👍😃

Maybe someday a Developer or a Team will find a Way to literally an to learn in a Way about on a Road the same Way all People doing it. 😏

Because that's the real Problem in my Opinion. AI's don't know a Thing about driving, every new Pod has to start from scratch instead of and some Informations about what they're told to do. 🙄

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