As it turns out, bamboo is really comfortable to wear. Especially if it is cold!

Yup! There's many types of clothes available in it, boxers, socks, base layers... The latter I have when skiing, as well as on cold days underneath my ordinary clothing!

@Lingondraken How does it feel to wear in comparison to cotton? And is it expensive?

I've honestly never heard of this being used as a clothing fibre before o..o;


@phobos_dthorga Similar, but smoother/softer I think!

It is often more expensive, though I have made some really good finds and paid far less for it than what it would normally cost.

I've been told it is a very eco-friendly material, it grows really fast (and bamboo is like your lawns grass, you can cut it but it keeps on growing, unlike a tree) and it requires much less work to make a finished fabric than cotton does. I suspect low production volumes are keeping the prices up.

@Lingondraken Here in Australia, bamboo is considered a weed for some of those very properties you mention. It's very difficult to rid a garden of bamboo once it has grown into a large cluster.

But that's interesting and neat to hear! I'll have to keep an eye out for bamboo clothing, though I suspect it will only be sold at specialty stores here, sadly. Nevertheless, I'll see what I can find :)

Thanks ^,==,^

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