Very minor editing for Manjaro wallpaper, I like that it looks as though it were a dark stone.

@ChrisWere I'm watching this right now, I love what you do, you're an utter inspiration my good sir.

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does anybody else enjoy staying up late because you feel like its the only time of day when the demands of life arent being forced on you and time seems to stand still for a bit and your problems recede into the background. is that just me

I’m experimenting with making the cellphone hat I carry everywhere, a portable PC. I purchased a Bluetooth keyboard quite a while ago, and Love it. It takes some time to get used to, but I think that if I find the right apps to use, I can finally use my cellular phone as a productivity machine.

So far I'm loving it, I've only had it for the day, but it's proving far more enjoyable learning a distribution not rooted in Debian. Learning new commands in the terminal after all these years has proven quite entertaining. Not to say that Debian is too easy, I've just used primarily Ubuntu (Various DE) since 2011, It was time to traverse other avenues, widen my horizons as it were.

I'm now trying Manjaro XFCE as my daily driver.

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I have an Android phone, I'm going to try and find a way to get a full linux distro on it. I tried to root it but none of the rooting applications either seem safe, because they need a ton of permissions, or they all say my device is not compatable. I would love to see a full fledged virtual machine app that let us run a linux distro on the phones. Support for Arm I imagine though may be an issue.

@ChrisWere I don't think I've ever used RSS but I'll definitely tune in once I figure it out

@ChrisWere the ghouls makeup must have taken forever and is seriously cool

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