@Linuxtjej Haha, same in Norwegian. Except for the spelling of "hva" and "nei", the only difference is "Ellers" instead of "Annars" 😁 πŸ‘πŸΌ

@estebanm @Linuxtjej I **love** the "nej men hej"! I always try to find the opportunity to say it. Quite difficult in Spain, though.

English: "I do say I would have to agree with that."
Swedish: *Inhales sharply*


It was suppose to follow the outline of the picture. Meaning that it is the translation of the english phrase into swedish. That is: agreement.

@gumcap @Linuxtjej oh wow! in germany it would rather mean "i don't agree AT ALL, but i won't open that can of worms. for now." 😬

@gumcap @Linuxtjej in other circumstances it could mean "sweet!", though. idk, i just see a lot of opportunities for misunderstandings πŸ˜…

*inhales sharply*

@tethre @gumcap @Linuxtjej haha, yes, but the German sharp inhaling pulls the air through the teeth on the side of the mouth, while the Swedish one pulls it through a little bit opened front of mouth (with a mouthshape almost like u or o).

@knittingsquirrel @tethre @Linuxtjej

It is a bit like trying to say "jo" but by only drawing breath.

@knittingsquirrel @tethre @Linuxtjej
This is a youtube video (that I saw on r/videos few days ago) on the subject:


for the one interested in demonstrations. (there are some thing I do not quite agree with in the video about this, but I'll leave that)

@knittingsquirrel @gumcap @Linuxtjej after watching the video i would still say that there is room for misunderstandings! hff

@gumcap @Linuxtjej For the curious, that kind of sound is called "pulmonic ingressive"

@Linuxtjej If my somewhat sparse grip of Swedish is correct, the correct way to attract someone's attention say "You!"

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