So, a few days ago, I went , and found 10 pairs of ladies and mens underwear, sealed, in box. They weren't the cheap kind, but the more expensive one. I've also found (in no particular order on different nights): bedsheets, linen, pillows, pillowcases, ALL still unsealed in boxes/bags. I really don't get it. We talk about saving a planet, and we throw away things that are perfectly fine?

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@Linuxtjej It IRKS me that most businesses would rather toss something that doesn't sell quickly enough than give it to someone who needs it.

@Linuxtjej oh yeah big stores just cut up and dump so much stuff.

Shoplifting is nothing compared to the amount of stuff that gets cut up and thrown away simply because they didn't sell and the store needed the space for new product.

@Linuxtjej what's worse is that if you steal for ~10 Euro the police is called.

If you destroy thousands of euro merchandise so other people can't use it you're just being a business m

@Linuxtjej There is no excuse for this level of waste. But you know, I come across so many people who are so busy just barely managing their personal, family, work, etc. life spheres that they don’t have time to—or the inclination to—think about the future on this scale. Again, it’s no excuse, just something I have noticed. Ironic and sad, but this is reality for most people I think.

@shahaan I'm working class/part-time collegestudent and have always been thinking about stuff like this. I recently started to save money and the planet. But you're right - most people don't think about stuff like this. The wonders of capitalism (*irony*) have created this market...

@Linuxtjej It’s great that you put your beliefs/thoughts into action. I wish there was a way to just get the point across to everyone that if we continue to consume, pollute, waste and exploit the way we currently do, nothing else matters because humanity is on the brink of extinction. And I wish and pray that this kind of talk was some elaborate conspiracy but it’s a fact. I think of my toddler and infant, and what their lives will be when they are 70, 80, etc. and it makes me sad. (1/2)

@Linuxtjej Then I find myself falling back on hopeful sentiments like that of the late, great Stephen Hawking, “As long as there is life, there is hope.” It’s just that I wish things were not getting so bad that I am reduced to clinging to the very basic idea of the existence of life to give myself hope for the future of my children. Maybe I’m over-thinking? I don’t know. Sorry this turned into a rant. (2/2)

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