On October 30 (i.e in two days) I turn 40. I wish nothing special, but it would be fun to get postcards from all corners of the world. My address is:
Rebecca Lagerstedt
Flintvägen 4B
90740 Umeå

@Linuxtjej that's neat! Hope you don't mind if some of them show up late.

@polychrome No, not at all! That way I get to celebrate it everytime I get to read a new postcard :)

@Linuxtjej Well, I'm a year too late, but will sent one anyway. After all, I just turned 41 (september 27th) and we from 79 stick together! (ok, I admit I just make it up!)

@rberlim Send me one! I like getting postcards from all over the world :-)

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