On October 30th, I turn 42 (meaning of life, yay!) I wish for nothing special, but I would love to get postcards from all over the world! 😀
My adress is
Rebecca Lagerstedt
Flintvägen 4B (apartment number 1001)
90740 Umeå

@Linuxtjej I have a cheesy card here, that I will decorate with some extras - it's one of the traditional cards ppls buy in supermarkets for b-days, no idea where I found this one. :)

@Linuxtjej how fitting because that means you're born in the same year the hitchhiker was published and only dinner days after it was published:

@Linuxtjej someone mentioned recently that the hitchhiker was 42 this year so when I saw your post I was "wait a minute ...." 😆

@Linuxtjej Is this a test/trap or do you feel so secure in the fediverse that you spread your personal data freely all over the world?

This is not a test. I did it two years ago, it was fun! The information is all over the internet anyways. You can't hide your own address, since it's public records.

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