Yeah. Gonna make that a goal for this year:

Make and upload at least one set of nonsense to Soundcloud or w/e.

Thinking about getting back into music again for the third time

implemented Switch kernel capability descriptor parsing in yuzu (excluding memory mapping descriptors for the time being). also IMO make bitpacking like this a criminal offense

Through doing all of this, I've memorized how clang puts vtables together in multiple inheritance contexts among other things, and I really don't know of that's a good thing or a bad thing

reverse engineering is very addicting. especially when figuring one thing out has cascading effects on several other parts of the binary you're investigating

cant wait to drop HOT mastodon-only content in the future, such as "lol whoops dropped a burrito in the toilet for teh fifth time" and "goddamn that;s one blue sky"

err... Saturn, I meant. Still need to learn how to read too, apparently

still need to come across a master system at some point so I can actually play these games I picked up at the last AGDQ

tomorrow seems like a good back-on-my-bullshit AArch64 emulation day

it's so good. I really love the key the synths/pads are done in; the actual breaks are so fantastic. This is still one of my top fave jungle/DnB tracks, despite hearing it probably a year and a half ago, I think

I've always mentally pronounced qemu as "kem-you" rather than "Q-E-myew"

THAT BEING SAID THOUGH. Goddamn do I love their SIMD instructions (aside from shuffles with TBL/TBX being kind of crap). It's everything I kind of want x86's to be (which, is, for the most part, more or less, consistency on the data types instructions can operate on)

still alive. let's see, topics, topics, uhh... fucken'.... *looks at marker on wrist* "AArch64 is cool but goddamn do they need to chill out with the amount of ways to shift values"

Finally have mostly everything set up here. Let's see how this works out.


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