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🦁 Lioness With Mane @Lioness

*spends 5 min fretting over wording of toot instead of responding to friends*

think I'm just going to switch over to discord for now, see yall later

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was looking for something to boost my mood over lunch & not really finding anything on my timeline, which suggests that I might have followed too many people

*continues to stare at bright white mastodon toot prompt*

got a headache from being tired so gnight I guess?

(looks at todo list)
laundry… check
make bed… check
install linux… probably check, but haven't tried booting from disk yet
thoroughly mess up my sleep schedule… check
administrative medical stuff… no

help I can't go to bed without a good signoff or daily recap toot

Goodnight everyone~

sleep well & don't be afraid to reload your dreams until you get one with a good solar system

I think I'm pretty good at coming up with interesting settings, less good at interesting characters, and not very good at interesting conflicts / plots

@u2764 I would~

I'd fall asleep pretty quickly & have extra strange dreams from the movie, probably

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