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dragons, petplay, I guess? // Show more

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I don't have a ton of energy to interact with ppl in complicated ways but I'm all up for holding very round plushes of friends in my lap & sorta squeezing w/ knees and arms

vore // Show more

status: thinking about dress / cloth physics in zero g

computer science, philosophy, food, possibly whitewashing? // Show more

kink, tf, 'you', manufactured consent // Show more

kink, hypno // Show more

aesthetic: spoken_heart and/or the wobbly open-mouthed "flustered" manga expression

kink thirst // Show more

clues you might be a trans girl // Show more

I have been trying to make an effort to avoid doing things that I will regret but as it is now two hours past midnight & I only just put the book down, I didn't dobtoo good this time

decided going to keep reading until the Big Damn Turtles moment

there /better/ be a Big Damn Turtles moment

it's got giant space turtle friends who make knives but are thinking about branching into spoons

status: I started reading a mass-market sci-fi romance/space opera & it's a real page turner & it's after midnight & I'm nowhere near finishing

I don't actually remember what wearing jeans feels like. Haven't owned any in a long time.

I like when you get a bunch of masto notifs in a row & you watch the notification bar fill up until Android collapses it

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