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🦁 Lioness With Mane @Lioness

gnight mastodon & the larger fediverse, have dreams with just the right amount of squeezey pressure & getting lost in improbable architecture

@Fidgettt *offers to pet the robot if okay* m sleepy n don't have a lot of verbal rn but I appreciate you being around 😃

v minor Stardew Valley spoilers //

Abigail suddenly seems much more interesting, I didn't think anyone was going to top the gay rainbows dream sequence

kink, restraint //

something really specific I want to do is, take someone smallish wearing a sweatshirt whose sleeves go past their hands, tie the extra sleeve together, and then push/roll them around a lot

In Stardew Valley, if you give Abigail a quartz or a jade, she says something like "wow, thanks, how'd you know I was hungry?" and I don't know if that means she likes the present or not

good night everyone, deep safe dreams, wake a little wiser than when you fell asleep, a little kinder

tucking in to bed? //

go to sleep wrapped up in the sweet-smelling tentacle, your medication and its slime working together to make you a very sleepy bunny, a very comfortable bunny, very eyelids-heavy bunny, ears-droopy bunny

gnight, cuddlebun 💜

pda, cosleeping //

@Fenreliania (~u~)

slides head down your chest, coming to rest in your lap; pulls a thick blanket up to my chin, hugging both your arm and a very furry plush wolf to my chest

gnight ❤

petting //

@bunnylyn it's warm, rubbery-squishy, and only a little slimy - happily curling up with you, thick trunk offering itself as a hug pillow, trailing tendril tangling in your toes

@Fenreliania *leans against your shoulder, eyes closed, my hands holding yours in my lap*

petting //

@bunnylyn *slithers a sopoforic tentacle down your back*

I want to pet everything but also get a good rest for tomorrow

I can't shake this sense that I gave @bunnylyn my head cold thru the interwebs

fantasy ableism (?) con't con't //

but not in a way that recognizes much of the inner lives of those dis-abled by the process

fantasy ableism (?) cont //

so those super soldiers who have, literally, the strength of 6 men? There are 5 men too weak to get out of their pallets for that to work. & for those with the memory of three men, 2 men who can no longer remember their own name or how toilets work, often referred to as "smelly idiots". Only 1/2 way thru book 1 (of 7?) but getting the distinct sense that the author thinks about this as an interesting moral exercise for abled ppl

fantasy ableism (?) //

specifically, it's possible & not uncommon practice to transfer attributes like strength, stamina, grace, glamor, and senses from one person to another, in a sort of all-or-nothing kind of way that leaves a lot of invalids around who need to be cared for (if they die, they stop providing their attribute) and/or assassinated to weaken enemy kings depending on your POV

it's been a while since I stayed up until 2:30 reading epic fantasy, but, here we are

the only thing that worries me is that there was an actual Morality Diagram

well that & that the presentation of the magical gimmick used smells a lot like ableism?

@Fidgetcetera @Gargron I'd suggest replying only automatically adding people who have actually posted in the thread, within the last N posts - so people who aren't participating (or who stopped participating) in a thread get left out of it

also solves the problem of popular account A mentioning person B and person B getting swarmed with notifications just from replies