In case you missed it – last post here, I think – I've moved to!

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It's exciting & reinvigorating – making new friends, flirting again with old ones – so please join me over there if you haven't already!


I've moved to , and I'm going through my archives and posting a kind of "best of classic Lioness kink/tf/vore/whatever toots" to celebrate! Hope to see you there!

I'm going to try moving to!

This isn't a protest or anything, been wanting to move to an instance with a usuable local timeline for a while.

I'm going to try moving to!

This isn't a protest or anything, been wanting to move to an instance with a usuable local timeline for a while.

KH3 nobody names // 


video game mechanics // 

thing that annoys me: enemy level scaling

makes it very hard to reason about how durable / damaging they are (warframe is especially bad at this as it doesn't show damage you take, + many enemies have scaling damage reduction)

it cheapens the experience of leveling up & getting more "powerful" (= having bigger numbers) if the same generic enemy grunts are arbitrarily boosted to match

& it prly means they aren't introducing new enemies with more challenging latter

also the captain's, pilots', etc chairs have an option where they mostly fold into the floor, leaving a mount that the mobility chair can lock into

(long term users of scifi hoverwheelchairs are esp. valued as pilots b/c the neural hookups are the same as the ones used to fly spaceships, meaning they tend to have a lot more practice/fluency with them)

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thinking about: futuristic hybrid wheel/hover chair

on ships / stations it hooks into the magnetic tracks embedded in most surfaces (that ppl also use for magnetic boots in zero gee) and just zooms around

then deploys big fucking all-terrain rover wheels for surface missions

kinda want to move somewhere (monsterpit?) where my hypno/vore/tf/kink toots would fit in on the local timeline

notably, it's still a few hours earlier than I got out of bed for the first time yday I think?

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thinking about the asymmetry in producing media - write once, be read/viewed by a dozen, a few hundred, maybe even thousands and thousands of people

and how many of those people will experience that media in ways the author never anticipated or intended

and at the same time, how little of that makes it back to the author

(toots, fanfics, phone games/apps with "only" 5k downloads, comic doodles, published books…)

I got up, got some breakfast, water, took my meds, futzed around with video game I don't particularly like most of the time

& I'm back in bed

I don't particularly want to get out of bed (but it's after 1pm and my water bottle is empty)

affection // 

it occurs to me that someone who sleeps hanging upside-down from a ceiling (of just the right height) would be perfectly positioned for a very close friend to kiss as they walk past

food, self // 

"Is this craving for validation… or for peanut butter?"

food, voreposting // 

"hmm, I'm hungry. I should get food."

*posts about monsters eating people instead*

Somehow, I am now more hungry.

body mods, implied vore (of reader) // 

The dragon you've been crushing on for years surprises you with an invitation to a dinner date. You ask, half-jokingly, if this is one of those invitations to a dinner for one, but they promise that you'll walk out alive.

At their place setting is an extremely large plate and a smaller (tho still massive by human standards) bowl of brown sauce.

At yours is a glass of wine and a wrapped box maybe a meter long. Inside is a pair of high-end prosthetic legs.

potential vore (of reader) // 

(found this little gem in a flirt I did a year+ ago)

You're a waitr[ess] at a restaurant for demons and monsters. You're also, technically, on the menu, albeit deliberately & significantly out of the clientele's price range.

A couple with tastefully subtle horns and /very/ expensive suits sit down.

food, eating // 

today I've eaten… a couple bowls of goldfish crackers & some taffee

I should real food

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