reptile facts (and a pic) 

Did you know bearded dragons have three eyes?

They have two fully developed ones on the sides of their head and one very incomplete on top. They can sense shadows and movements with it, which is enough to not being eaten by flying predators.

It's behind their "normal" eyes, can you see it? ^^

Clicked a vet appointment for Trixie (my bearded dragon) and needed her weight for the request form.

She helped by going into perfect weight-transfering pancake mode :D

Nearly finished planning of this side project!
Am scared to order the PCB and then notice a thing I want to change x)

fetlife, message screenshot, non-kinky 

Just fetlife things x)

Selfie, EC 

Hey there :3

No makeup, no shaving that day, actually just sorted my hair and needed a mirror to check if it is actually better than before xD

shitpost, meme, splaining 

I think having explained lowlevel stuff to me is kinda new ^^'

Anyone wants some LF OS stickers?

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