fetlife, message screenshot, non-kinky 

Just fetlife things x)

Selfie, EC 

Hey there :3

No makeup, no shaving that day, actually just sorted my hair and needed a mirror to check if it is actually better than before xD

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I think having explained lowlevel stuff to me is kinda new ^^'

Anyone wants some LF OS stickers?

Death, pet 

Ronja (one of my beardies) died because I hesitated to go to the vet with her. I shouldn't have pets

R.I.P. Ronja

Random selfie from last night :3

Even though the depression is visible in my eyes it's a very good photo

I ordered some stickers with the logo of my operating system LF OS
They have a very good quality (made of vinyl) and look great :3

Should post more on here...

Currently working on my OS to prepare running real applications. Current goal: make the framebuffer available to a program to be the window manager

To achieve this, I had to rewrite the logging, which was just printing on the framebuffer before. Now I have a kernel log buffer that grows as needed (double linked list of pages containing variable sized strings until the new message does not fit)

This is the result :3

Selfie, EC 

Another manual Cross Post

If I fits, I sits

Selfie, EC 

Just a selfie on this trans day of visibility :)

Shout out to all the closeted trans people. You are valid, stay strong

Selfie, eye contact 

Trying to get some more content here ...

Thats me some minutes ago, no cheats, filters or makeup :3

Trying out a new hair style. I think I like it, but without practice it takes a lot of time m)

Note the side with more hair in this picture is the side with the Sidecut in my avatar.


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