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how many genders are there? 

- 2 Common genders everyone gets in the starter pack
- 3-5 Rare genders you’ll probably have picked up if you’ve been playing for a while
- an unknown number of Epic & Legendary genders that most players have never even seen
- a theoretically infinite number of Crafted genders

do you clear out your downloads folder from time to time

@QWxleA jap, leider hat die neue Wohnung nur VDSL ~175mbps

Aber eventuell zwei Mal

Und Telekom Hauptverteiler in der einen und Uni-RZ in der anderen Richtung ~200m entfernt - vlt bekomme ich ja Richtfunk, ne bgp Session und Transit x)

Just order the sex toy, they said.

Ships in discreet, non-obvious packaging, they said.

@QWxleA noch 1000down (werden erreicht) und 50up(25 realistisch)

Want to follow me? Great!

If I know you, it's probably a no-brainer accept. If I don't know you, pls send a DM why you want to follow me - or a random detail about you - call it Bot-/Spamprotection ^^'

Tech-interested people! Follow @aurora

Interesting trivia, funny projects, nice things - highly recommended :3

electronics trivia 

fun fact about early cd players: in the early 80s there was a pending lawsuit in the usa that alleged the laser beam would pass through the case and give you cancer or whatever, since it was pointing upwards. some manufacturers panicked, fearing recalls, and switched production to an inverted mechanism: the laser was now pointing downwards, you had to insert the cd in the tray label down, shiny side up. when the lawsuit lost, production switched back to normal.

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electronics debugging 

shoutout to the person that wrote the firmware for this thing back in 1981 and decided that the super slow movement of the laser mechanism should at least be accompanied by a nice led animation, i love it

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