@schmittlauch the problem is not the non-functional toolchain (works fine) but the laggy laptop x)

how am I supposed to port Nix to LF OS when the compiler is compiling? x.x

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Aaaaa why did I update llvm again x.x


choose your gender:

-programming is all about efficiently throwing together other people's code

-programming is just math

[x] I hate other people's code so I write everything from scratch

@vidister hm what do I have to implement for you two switch to LF OS? :D

A fantasy novel called "Pendragon", about a dragon who has a steady job working for the Daily Mail but wants to be a paperback writer.

What do you mean? There is nothing wrong with my code. My spaghetti meets all your standards.

I love how freight companies are always, even if accidentally, very :heart_trans:

Now that code camps are virtual, we should rename them to Sempai as a Service

i love to oppress cis people, nothing brings me greater joy than denying them healthcare from my position of institutional power

re: help me understand how to fibre optik internets 

@elilla huh :o
That's strange

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