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electronics debugging 

fixed it! sort of, it reads cds again, but kinda sluggish.
now running on a unholy mix of recycled chinese, east german and one soviet capacitor.
one day the audiophiles are going to hunt me down with pitchforks. 😅

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vielleicht hier - vielleicht da
gut getarnte Antifa

ldap ist great and always works and is a sysadmins best friend — NOT

PSA: HRT stands for Human Replacement Therapy. It's where you replace the human with something else. Like a dragon.

i just wanna log in to a website please mister computer i have the password and 2fa why are you doing this to me

Developers who prevent users from pasting text into a password field deserve a special place in hell.

Seriously what the fuck are they even thinking when they implement bullshit like that. Don't they know that password managers are a thing?

Wenn jemand sagt Debian hat nur alte Pakete hat sie CentOS nocht nicht gesehen. 🧓

Let's start our own domain registry for! Show of you are gay with!

We need 15k€ for start and 5k€ income per year for renewal

Share widely!

CN paypal with deadname below

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