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congress seuche / corona 

OH: "Auf dem 36c3 gab es garkeine Congressseuche..."
Stimmt, das war schon komisch...
"Tja, da das kam dann halt heftiger - als corona. Das passiert, wenn man das nicht rechzeitig auf dem Congress erledigt."

peak comedy: somebody who has had an extremely abnormal life experience trying to describe a normal thing using the only terms they know

Did you know the source code of the Linux kernel has been leaked repeatedly, since its first release?

Compiling clang aka Laptop very very slow right now

I like riding on classic ICs, because sometimes I can look out on the back windows of the last car

"Was hassen Sie an JSON?" – "Kein Kommentar."

how many genders are there? 

- 2 Common genders everyone gets in the starter pack
- 3-5 Rare genders you’ll probably have picked up if you’ve been playing for a while
- an unknown number of Epic & Legendary genders that most players have never even seen
- a theoretically infinite number of Crafted genders

do you clear out your downloads folder from time to time

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