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Wie oft wird nach Mac-Adressen gefragt?
ARP und zu..


No officer, this homemade explosive is for my gender reveal party, I have to let everyone at the precinct know that I'm a boy.

Mitbewohner hat root auf dem Staubsauger.

Erwarte demnächst russischsprachige Flüche bei Wandkontakt.

1990: „Hey, lass mal menschliches Genom entschlüsseln!“
seit 2004: „Ok und jetzt?“


adhd inattentive and hyperactive type are just adhd on introverts and extroverts, respectively

My favourite bit of gamedev lore is the load-bearing jpeg in TF2

new wireless optical networking mechanism: make two phones face each other and beam QR codes into the respective front cameras. one TCP packet = one QR code. holy shit this started 1000000% as a shitpost (it still is I guess) but now that I have this idea I wanna do it


Fluff mit der unfreiwilligen Erinnerung an alle: Schaut in euren Impfpass! Tetanus-Impfung muss alle 10 Jahre aufgefrischt werden, kümmert euch darum! Ohne ist ein Katzenbiss oder auch eine Schürfwunde verdammt gefährlich (mehr als es ohnehin schon ist, siehe Thread)

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"Fine, so you are a magic sword. But honestly, your balance feels a bit off. Can you do anything else than talk?"
"I can speak every language."
"What use is that in a sword?"
"I can talk to your enemies, make you understand them."
"To make it easier to kill them?"
"No, harder."

To day is the day when photons interact normally with lesbians.

As supposed to usually, where they just pass straight though them.

terrible tech *nix pun 

When you look out for where your executable is, it's a which hunt

"wenns gefährlich gewesen wär, hätte der FI ausgelöst" - @vidister, 2021

Polycule, game 

Polycule memory would be a funny game. On all memory cards there is a face and maybe a name not sure about the name part. You have to flip a memory card and then find one other of someone this person is together with.

After the game all players try to make one big polycule chart that is very complex and ends in a cuddlepile and even more complicated relations.

when all you have is a hammer, go find the guy who only has a sickle and start a proletariat revolution

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