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The Supreme Court observed that "suitable employment" for compassionate appointment must be understood with reference to the post held by the deceased employee.
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The on Friday asked Jharkhand Chief Minister, , to submit a copy of the writ petition filed before the High Court which sought an independent probe against him for alleged money laundering through shell companies.
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The , on Friday, refused to entertain a plea challenging the constitutional validity of Section 61A of the Representation of the People Act (Act), which pertains to the use of EVMs in elections.
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Reiterating the importance of the Courts dealing with the victims of sexual crimes in a sensitive manner, the has issued a slew of directions to the trial courts to avoid agony and harassment for women who file complaints..
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Mumbai Police summons Actor on August 22 in nude photoshoot case.

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Bombay High Court Directs Grant Of Rs 2 Lakh Compensation To Nigerian National Jailed For 2 Years Due To Mistake In FSL Report

'Personnel Trained To Shoot Guns Made to Make Dosas For Higher Officials, Shameful Colonial Practice' : Madras HC On Orderlies System

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