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Rei almost looks concerned for Hammer in this update but really, he just can't afford to lose his first and only line of defense.

β™› Read it now at: vaingloriouscomic.com/comic/ch

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ah yes, nothing like writing myself into a corner

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(Boosts appreciated!)
Hey artists! I'm looking to hire someone to do some illustrations for a #ttrpg based on shonen battle anime (minus the sexism). If that sounds like your style, show me your portfolio and we'll talk details.

im finally reading cucumber quest and im very upset that it took me this long because this comic is too cute and also the colors are out of this world, damit

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I spent yesterday simplifying my Patreon reward tiers and goals. Please check it out. I appreciate any support for Pacifica. patreon.com/Tait #Patreon #comics #webcomics #art

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It's probably only 11am in this comic and Rei is already Done with the day

β™› Read his adventure now at: vaingloriouscomic.com/comic/ch

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Tomorrow is my birthday, which you should celebrate by reading my very good webcomic!


Alternately, just draw a handsome lady. Maybe two. Maybe have them smooch? You will not regret it!

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Amnesty International: **Argentina: First step to decriminalize abortion is historic for human rights**

"The bill to decriminalize abortion in Argentina, approved today by the Chamber of Deputies, is a fundamental step for the rights of women and people capable of conceiving, and a way of combating st…"


#humanrights #bot

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In today's thrilling update: Rei and Hammer get lost.

β™› Read their adventure now at: vaingloriouscomic.com/comic/ch