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No sir i do not have any “smelly” toots excus me

One of these days im gonna find out the screen of my phone was visible through the reflection of my glasses and it will be the end of me

@LoMakesComics this is the best one ive tried so far and it is still pretty terrible tbh

Using discord from the terminal like some kind of sick hacker man

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Looks like next chapter is gonna be about 34 pages, which is 10 more pages than I anticipated but still 10 less than the first chapter... a part of my brain wonders if i will die if my chapters don’t have all the exact same number of pages.

For information, the correct term for people who make webcomics is webcommissar
Thank you

I am still not used to people reading my comic. And i keep forgetting some people actually do read it. I wonder if this ever goes away 🤔

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🔥BANQUET Page 71 is UP!🔥 banquetcomic.com/comic/page-71

💝 Visit the Patreon for early updates, extra art, and the saucy art feed! 👀

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π rats of the car ribs being

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(or start from the beginning: johnnywander.com/barbarous/bar) mastodon.social/media/haovL5Bl

new page is up to help you survive monday or not.

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Let’s be friends irl even if we never meet

how to delete youtube the website

I made this for Comicadia, the webcomics collective I'm in.

This is their mascot, her name is Cadence and she's a real _faun_ of webcomics!


Still trying to figure out the design of this character, for my next comic project.