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It makes me so happy that sometimes when people ask if I have any produce and I can say "yes" and it's not because someone donated it or donated money and I bought produce, but because I grew it myself and can go cut them some nice kale leave from my own garden.

Like, it's nice to sit back and appreciate the political statement that is, "Yes, I have free food, I grew it myself with hard work and it's a gift to whoever, no conditions."

i actually really like this feature πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘


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hello moustadon. Im buying paint for my walls online its expensive . good night

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Shop stuff! I've listed some lanyards, I'm taking preorders for cuboid bags, and all the print books are a bit discounted because Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! EXCITING

my garden is cursed i plant things and they die and then a tomato grows out of nowhere wtf

im applying everything ive learned to this anthology submission and once im done Ill be back to my webcomic on full force ready to finish it 😱

what is the name for the person who fixes my gas-powered heater is it gasman it can't be gasman can it

anyways the negative side of the extended quarantine is that the gasman (is this the word) is not allowed to come fix our heater and, quite literally, winter is coming. so I had to order a couple of electric heaters in the meantime lol

the biggest problem im having now that im getting into fixing our house is that it is incredibly easy to try to "justify" spending money on new tools because maybe I'll need them or maybe they're useful or that one time three years ago i couldve used it once

i planted a small tree today! πŸ˜‹
shoveling is no joke πŸ’¦

man i really kinda stopped using mastodon when i switched to the one column layer. I actually prefer this layout so much more but having no access to all my pinned columns seems to have made me lose interest over time :/

lets find out what % of my life was held together entirely by SU

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pulled on a planted cactus with his mouth just to spite me who does that

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So my cat got on my desk and unplanted my little cactus and threw it on the floor why

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hdmi splitter question 

β€ͺIm thinking of getting an hdmi splitter so i can connect my tablet and mirror the image on a bigger monitor. the notebook has only one hdmi port. my question is will this work considering the tablet has additional functionality? Or does all that go through the usb only? πŸ€” ‬

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