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| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|
             You're cute
                \ (•◡•) /
                  \      /
                    |   |

watched train to busan holy shit what a MOVIE

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Hey folks! inPRNT is having a discount sale, 10% off purchases with the discount code TREAT10 until October 31st! 🎃 Check out my prints, featuring a new piece!

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✨ The promised promo post!✨

I've made an uploaded two new wallpapers for patrons yesterday! Hammer needs a break from all the chaos in the comic so far, so he gets to chill in these illustrations

You can find and download the wallpapers here:

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My upcoming webcomic follows titular character Wander, a tiny magic robot that awakens in an unknown place. He sets out on a journey to recover his lost memories, discover what happened to his friend Algernon, and uncovering the mysteries surrounding this new world.

Donators to my Ko-Fi get exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming content and more!

Blizzard support people use a surprising amount of text emojis huh

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Basically something like this but sketched, no touched up outlines. $5. DM if interested :)

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aw some dude sent me twitter dm to thank me for making Cafe Recorder lol im glad that buggy thing is useful for someone!

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So... seems like Adobe and Celsys (the clip studio paint company) are making an illustration contest together. This is... interesting? I hope this doesn’t mean adobe is about to buy them 🤔
Tho maybe if they do, clip will finally have good cmyk options lol

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Megalovania stuck in my brain for days im passing this curse on to you

Time to watch I Kill Giants then. I read the book like two years ago so I don’t remember much but here’s hoping!!!

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i attribute my small dick to my low IQ, and my entire body being too dumb ass to send vitamins & minerals to my dick to make it normal sized

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