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The art evolution in Snarlbear is incredible. It starts ok but by the end it’s one of the most beautiful looking webcomics ive ever seen. The coloring is out of this planet.

tihs is the kinda horrendous crap i draw when im busy listening to my friends on voice chat and im drawing on autopilot 🤔

for the few people that have been waiting to hear news on my software side projects, they're on hiatus until I can figure out my whole life situation and get time to work on them again.
Not gonna promise anything, but at the very least the hiatus is gonna last one year.

this effing cat keeps trying to hunt my hand why are this heckers teeth so SHARP it HURTS cat STOP CAT PLEASE

So glad about kendrick getting a pulitzer. Gonna use this every time my snobby friends try to shit on my musical tastes lmao

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I was going to draw Cornelia for the WITCH set but then I realized I don't want to draw Cornelia! 😬

So I drew Toph instead! I like Toph ❤️ 💪

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This week I reviewed Ophiuchus by @hivemindmonster and Natasha Petrovic in honor of its conclusion! It's very good! yeshomo.net/ophiuchus/

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Hammer puts his best skill to use and shows Rei how to properly run away in today's Vainglorious update!

♛ Read it now at! vaingloriouscomic.com/comic/ch

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The only person I'm ever trying to impress is me when I was 7 years old.

i know my comic is never gonna be good or get anywhere but i need to keep reminding myself that i have to finish it because it’s the process of making it that will allow me to make good comics in the future. Tho somedays it’s a very tiring and emotional back and forth.
Anyways i cant wait to finish it so i can make a good comic ahhh

Some people seem to be entirely made of red flags. There’s no flesh or bones or blood. Only a moving mass of red flags.

Went to the bathroom on brain autopilot and somehow ended up using the hair comb on my toothbrush

for most of my internet life I assumed "woot" was a cute mutation of "what". So many interactions with me must've made no sense to so many people lol

Toot! Ha ha. Thinking about the heat death of the universe

Aws docs are terrible holy crap

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@LoMakesComics hmm this will probably be easier once chapter two is completed and the type of story it is becomes clearer lmao

Hey if anyone here who reads my comic happens to know of other webcomics that could have a similar audience, please let me know!
I’m trying to find places to advertise this thing and I’m slowly realizing how accidentally niche it is lol

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Hi all! ^__^
I've been a bit quiet lately, and it's mostly because I've been spending every evening working on this!! The kickstarter for a hardback bindup of the first volume of my webcomic, The Firelight Isle!


There's an animated trailer and everything! (It took AGES =_=)

#CreativeToots #Animation #GIF #AnimatedGIF #UKArtists #Patreon #Mastoart #FirelightIsle #OC #OCs #Kickstarter