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im almost back to healthy again and finally woke up excited about comics!! busy weekend ahead


i dont even LIKE going to concerts and im still pissed off that brockhampton is coming for the lollapalooza and i cant afford it lmao

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Gonna have to learn some ancient greek for my next comic ha ha ha this cannot possibly backfire in any way

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oh hey apparently that anthology I was in that was up for an Ignatz did, indeed, win an Ignatz!

I guess I can now call myself an Ignatz-winning comics creator? What IS the protocol for "I was one of like 30 people in an anthology that won an award"?

i think the most healing thing ive done these past two weeks while i was sick was to step away from my comic entirely and focus my free time on having fun and relaxing.

I love working on my comic but I think sometimes i go overboard with it. I feel rested in a way i haven't in a long time, hope i don't forget about this again lol

that part in Wise Man's Fear when kvothe completely loses it not because of all the bad shit that was going on in his life but because he lost his lute and his music was the only thing holding him together, that's a mood...

shoutout to that person who paid 50 cents for my pwyw software, every coin helps!

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wip webcomic project:

"The Lost Things Club"
15 year old Tala runs away from home to prove she's worthy of joining witch captain Baba's desert pirate crew of lost children. Unfortunately, her little brother tagged along.

All of this takes place in a world where the ground is always flowing from one pole to the other, and other weirdness.

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My birthday is coming up, and so is Next Town Over's. At 400+ pages of content, it is going to be turning an unthinkable 9 years (!) old. It is a great time to reread, catch up, or dive in for the first time.


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character sheets turned out to be way harder than I thought lol
I finished Daniel’s sheet and there’s gonna be a couple of changes on his final design. Can’t wait to get em all done so i can retouch ch1 e_e

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Damn I finished reading wow I loved it and I'm waiting for remaining episodes to come @LoMakesComics ! Pretty sure this is gonna be a long journey!

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