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anyways i need to rebuild my rss feed and get up to date with webcomics ;_;

what a way to get back into making comics and drawing after like a year of not doing it: jsut fucking draw 6 pages in 4 days for a dead line like you do (actually love the rush tbh)

hey whats up im alive my computer fucking self destructed or some shit but i finally got a new one, ive been postponing an upgrade for years tho so i guess here it is lmao

finally fixed my sleep schedule turns out all i had to do is sleep for 16 hours straight huh

motherfuck i took a 6 hour nap yesterday and i slept 3 hours last night whyyyyy

testing the pop filter sry

TIL i love plugging xlr cables. that click is so satisfying. i want all cables to have this mechanism

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not sure how to tag this, help?

I have a friend who gets his wifi from his aunt two houses away, and he's wondering if by purchasing a more powerful pcie wireless adapter as opposed to his usb one, he could get better and more consistent signal? or if that's gonna depend mostly on his aunt's router?

i actually really like this feature πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘


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hello moustadon. Im buying paint for my walls online its expensive . good night

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Shop stuff! I've listed some lanyards, I'm taking preorders for cuboid bags, and all the print books are a bit discounted because Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! EXCITING

my garden is cursed i plant things and they die and then a tomato grows out of nowhere wtf

im applying everything ive learned to this anthology submission and once im done Ill be back to my webcomic on full force ready to finish it 😱

what is the name for the person who fixes my gas-powered heater is it gasman it can't be gasman can it

anyways the negative side of the extended quarantine is that the gasman (is this the word) is not allowed to come fix our heater and, quite literally, winter is coming. so I had to order a couple of electric heaters in the meantime lol

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