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Welcome to Mina's is an Anthology of Comics about Life, Love, and Food during 100 Years in a Vancouver Diner! 🍽️

Here's a couple of my favorite panels from our story, PLEASE check it out and share it if you can!

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Finally made a breakthrough with this script!! Im feeling it now. It’s been really tough to work on but i think it’s finally getting good now. I can’t wait to finish it πŸ’ͺ

working on multiple scripts at once has been pretty good overall. Feels more flexible.
Like, whenever I can't figure something out, I just work on a different script!
And as a side effect it really helps with being able to re-read your story with fresh eyes, too.

actually being able to re-think old scenes that I first wrote like 5 years ago and haven't touched since just "to avoid redrawing them"? Feels like Im improving this book by miles with every little change. !!

god lately im struggling with the scripts. trying really hard to push through all the garbage im writing, really hoping I can edit this into something palatable later

eye topography today, making a map of my eye to check for hidden treasure

what kind of demon possessed me to pick powershell of all damned things to code this app in lmao

Learning that β€œi can make it if i push myself” is not a good way to schedule anything as it turns out

did a lot of cleaning on a pretty banged up wall, gonna paint it this weekend hopefully... now im gonna swallow a pizza whole and write some more of this script

reading people talk about c2e2 thinking it was the little robot from star trek

been trying to figure out how to describe my character design process but ive come to the conclusion that it's just pure fucking chaos

im having a hard time with this one lol I might be trying to fit too much story into a very tight page count

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some scripts write themselves and some scripts just refuse to be written

sucking back in my leaking hemolymph while making slurping noises and jittery spider-like hand movements

goal was to paint some walls but I painted my clothes instead

spent all day sanding, drilling, assembling and gluing wood... im exhausted lol

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that part in the critically acclaimed 1999 hit song All Star by Smash Mouth where Steve Harwell says "So Much To Do". I feel that.

I feel like im forgetting a very important meme

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