heads up im gonna remove my software from soon and move it over to gumroad because forces me to pay 30% taxes to the US government and that's a lot and i need the money

expanding on this a bit, copying what i put on birdsite earlier:

For anyone interested, I’m gonna be working on a new version of Cafe Recorder soon and I’ll move it to Gumroad.
Not sure if it will still be free. Most likely yes, but I’m conflicted about it. (1/3)

The program has been downloaded >4000 times (i have almost a year of no tracking before this). So far it’s been paid for 33 times. I pay 30% on taxes to the US + processing fees on that, and I’m not even giving itch a cut (which im not happy about)

I wanna be able to work on it and make it better but i got other free labor to do that i care more about (my comic lol), so to be able to justify putting time into it I might need to charge a little bit for it

some notes: I might upload a torrent of it to a pirate site myself just so that people who can’t afford it can use it tho

I’ve made about $60 so far (not counting the cost of transferring money from paypal to argentina lol)


@yeshomo it's considered US income because itch is based there, according to the IRS, therefore taxed for %30... but... it's odd cause I dont gotta do that for Patreon or other sites I've used so idk. They made me complete a tax interview, same as patreon, except this one ends with me still having to pay %30 because Argentina doesn't have a Income Tax Treaty with the US, apparently XD

@LoMakesComics fuck, that's terrible. even self-employment tax here isn't that bad, i'm wondering which statute it falls under

@yeshomo yeah. I dont really know enough about US law to understand it very well, but this is the page they link:
not sure it has any information on the statute?

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