Bleh spent the weekend rewriting this app and getting stuck against framework limitations. Looks like i got it working now tho! But now my weekend is gone ;_;

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@emsenn im rewriting a prototype i have so i can fix the remaining bugs and release it, it’s static site generator/cms for webcomics

@LoMakesComics Ooooh I forgot it was you that was working on that. (In fact I mis-remembered it as someone else.)

Rewrites like that, if they happen fast enough that you get a functional thing again, are almost always good for the long-term health of my projects, but it's always a bummer to go "ooh wow that took HOURS."

@emsenn for sure. I was thinking of releasing it without rewriting it but the prototype is such a huge mess that it was taking me too long to even navigate it so i gave in lol

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