lol fuck the inktober guy he's friends with doug tennapel, there's absolutely 0% chance he made an oopsie uwu


really? ugh. Blocking that tag forever feels even better now.

@anthracite i did that before learning about it but i felt so vindicated when i found out XD


to be quite honest I have ended up muting that tag for a couple months around the middle of September for the past few years, it's gone from "hey it'd be nice to do some little doodles to get back in touch with ink as a medium" to "all pro artists on the internet must join in this with huge complex pieces that take a few hours to do, have fun piling that on top of trying to get ANYTHING done while winter's destroying your productivity!".

Or at least that's how it feels to me.

@LoMakesComics oh no, now even more of a reason to block and forget about him

@LoMakesComics but it's :(( just so hard to understand the legal shit you're paying people to do :(((( HOW was he supposed to know asking amazon to target everybody using the word Inktober would target everybody using the word Inktober

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