Does it hurt to get your ears pierced? As an adult i mean. Ive been thinking about it for months but im really squeamish XD

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@LoMakesComics i did it as a kid (and it didn't) but from what I understand is the first time does not hurt, but if you don't out earrings in for a while and the holes close and you get them repierced, THAT hurts

I can't say for sure being an adult or not affects it but my understanding is basically what makes it hurt is if you already have a piercing scar there or not

@LoMakesComics as a random passer-by: depends largely on which way you have it done!

definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY get them pierced by a piercer who uses a needle instead of a piercing gun if at all possible.

...but honestly, even though i am god's perfect example of what you shouldn't do (i got my ears pierced, with a piercing gun, while overseas in a country where the risk of bloodborn illnesses is recognized to be higher), it didn't actually hurt that much.

@LoMakesComics it's very much a one-and-done kind of thing. it does hurt, but it hurts approximately the same level of hurt as like... getting a vaccination or another shot.

sometimes it's little pangs of pain when it heals up (you gotta keep twisting that so it doesn't just heal in place and cause you more pain later), but it's like... skinned knee level pain?

basically i remember it as pain, but the type of pain where you go 'ow!' in the moment but it's completely forgotten in 15 minutes

@LoMakesComics it’s not bad and it’s quick! I did my own and it wasn’t bad at all, so i’m positive it would be even easier going to a professional

@CBWebb thanks! Im a bit worried cause my sister and mom are allergic to some of the metals used i think? Im pretty sure im not but im not 100% and now im having doubts XD

@LoMakesComics there are metals that are considered hypoallergenic! a piercer should know what those are and help you choose should you decide you wanna play it safe from the get go!

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