anyways the negative side of the extended quarantine is that the gasman (is this the word) is not allowed to come fix our heater and, quite literally, winter is coming. so I had to order a couple of electric heaters in the meantime lol

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@LoMakesComics Oof. 😬

Our home's sewage system started failing early this year. We couldn't send any water down the drain.. Without waste water coming back up. 😱

We had to choose been paying to fix the septic system in the backyard or taking out a loan to hook up to the city sewer line.

We chose to fix the septic system even though it was a short term solution (ground simply has too much water to absorb any more). We figured that would cover us until we hooked up to city sewer.

@LoMakesComics @KayPengwin
We decided to move forward with getting the loan for the city sewer hookup. We finally got everything in place for the contractors to begin construction. We paid them half the cost and the next day quarantine went into place and they couldn't begin. 😩

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