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I have a friend who gets his wifi from his aunt two houses away, and he's wondering if by purchasing a more powerful pcie wireless adapter as opposed to his usb one, he could get better and more consistent signal? or if that's gonna depend mostly on his aunt's router?

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@LoMakesComics I think the router is going to have more of an effect. Could also investigate building a mesh network with an outdoor rated wifi extender or a few mesh routers. Something like freemesh could do the job.

@eeyun i see, thanks! yeah modifying anything on his aunt's end is not an option sadly, but I'll let him know

@LoMakesComics it's worth mentioning there's a chance with the right hardware he could still use an outdoor extender without having to modify anything on his aunt's side. Just would need to do the research.

@LoMakesComics A better antenna on his computer and a batter local router might help, but the best solution i think would be improvements to the whole system, so upgrading the aunt's wireless router and antennas along with his local gear would show the most improvement.

@kelseyhusky gotcha. I figured that might be the case. sadly, modifying anything on the aunt's end is not an option. thanks!


Before upgrading equipment, it's worthwhile to experiment with moving his aunt's router to different parts of her house to see if that improves the signal. See if it's possible to put the router higher up in the house, in the open, with fewer obstacles (like fridges, or cupboard doors).

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@LoMakesComics As others have noted, repositioning the kit (if possible, of course) might have the easiest/cheapest effect.

It also couldn't hurt, if both ends support it, trying 5GHz channels rather than the original 2.4GHz band - they tend to be much less busy.

An external antenna would help, if they're somewhat technically minded - searching for "cantenna" will bring up relevant results.

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@porsupah sadly it's not an option to modify anything on the aunt's end, but the cantenna solution is not something we knew about, i'll let him know. thanks!!

extending WiFi range 

@porsupah @LoMakesComics for range, 2.4 GHz is better, especially with a cantenna, because the standard Pringles can is "tuned" for 2.4 GHz.

@LoMakesComics It sounds like he maybe just needs a better antenna? …which he could get with a different adapter, and/or he could try something like

If aunt's router has antennae, it's possible that adjusting their positions could also improve the signal on his end.

@LoMakesComics @anthracite antenna is the most important part here — external is good, possibly even with a cable so it can be placed in a good spot.

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