Welcome to Mina's is an Anthology of Comics about Life, Love, and Food during 100 Years in a Vancouver Diner! 🍽️

Here's a couple of my favorite panels from our story, PLEASE check it out and share it if you can!

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Only a week to go on the kickstarter, I hope we can make it so that I can get paid XD

I WAS NOT prepared for how stressing kickstarter campaigns are. God i really hope we can get it funded... 🀞

Thank you so much for all your boosts!!

We've just passed 70% funding with 3 days to go. Any help in sharing this is immensely appreciated! πŸ™

Thank you so much for your boosts, everyone!!
We're over 80% funded with a little over two days to go, almost there! πŸ™

We're 95% funded with a little over a day to go! πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰

Thank you so much for your boosts, it's been tremendously helpful! πŸ™

We might just be able to print this book 🀞


Hahahaha oh the stress is JUST BEGINNING. Hopefully the people running this are veterans who have estimates for the cost of getting all those books into the hands of backers, and a healthy margin for error on those estimations, because that is my absolute least favorite part of doing a Kickstarter.

And hopefully they are also gonna have multiple people looking over the proofs for the books so there's no expensive printing fuckups, hopefully nothing happens to a giant shipment of books if there's a long journey between printing and fulfillment, and they budgeted for insurance on that shipment, and...

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