someone on discord was complaining about muscly women characters so i doodled this out of spite lmao

@LoMakesComics damn I can’t believe the support this got lmao guess i gotta draw more stronk gals 👀

I cant believe this piece is still getting favs and replies lol I love mastodon

@LoMakesComics Why are they so loud about their weakness. This is a good lady. Muscly girls are not for the weak of heart. ✌

@LoMakesComics I often complain about the lack of muscle female characters

and uh

muscle girls with axes and horns is very much my aesthetic

@LoMakesComics hire this woman to break things imo. support your local muscle women!

also this art is very good and i like it a lot

@LoMakesComics She's perfect! I love the scratches on her legs and the little skulls

@LoMakesComics @kara oh hey it's my boss from my last tech support job! She runs some of the biggest LARPs in the UK, and is usually a Viking-type character...

Was he thinking they are not muscly enough 😂
anyway, well done👍

@CountZero LOL i wish! He was doing the whole “unrealistic” non-argument... 🙄


Sure that lara croft is more realistic as a woman character 😉

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