what do you think would happen if there was a donate/pledge button next to the favorite/like button on social media?

@cassolotl oh yeah! I remember that!
I don't think creating new platforms would work very well, I'm mostly imagining being able to elegantly link your patreon/paypal/ko-fi below posts

@LoMakesComics would be cool. But I am curious as to how the system set in place by Dtube will turn out ( they give cryptomoney to people based on their views and likes)

@LoMakesComics .....huh. This is actually kind of similar to tapas tipping, ie something extremely easy for social media outlets to parlay into profits for themselves, so I actually don't know why we haven't started to see this.

@yeshomo yeah that’s why i was wondering about it. Also just remembered Reddit has something similar with Gold except That thing is useless

@LoMakesComics Unfortunately I don't see indie platforms like Mastodon being able to incorporate something like that because of the infrastructure needed to run a payment processor - I think you have to basically be a bank.

@yeshomo yeah for sure. The only thing i can picture is some way of linking to ko-fi/paypal/patreon easily below the posts or even a integration to make it easier. But i dont know at which point it becomes kinda not worth the effort

@LoMakesComics This makes me think about that tweet a while ago where a woman explained something to a man and he paypalled her a dollar for emotional labor. I like the idea of streamlining that process.

@yeshomo ha yeah and sometimes it really is that. You see a great toot and if it was easier to give a buck to the creator i think a lot of people would do it. But if you gotta hunt their paypal email, log in, etc it becomes too much of a hassle so no one does it.

@LoMakesComics I think a feature like this could deff help indie artists and content creators who are otherwise struggling. Eliminating barriers in UX to donation would make more people donate.

@yeshomo yeah exactly! My only concern is that it could place too much emphasis on the toot as the content being produced. Im not sure i want a new brand of youtubers that shitpost on social media for a living lmao

@LoMakesComics I mean... hustling for likes on social media is already the career reality of a lot of creative types. I'm not sure it would make the landscape worse than it already is.

@yeshomo that’s true. Idk maybe we should propose it for a feature on mastodon if that’s even allowed

@LoMakesComics Yeah, on the github page for mastadon I believe there's a feature request section.

@yeshomo lmao I didn’t even notice it until you pointed it out

@LoMakesComics I don't know, and if I was actively involved in Hacking Mastodon I would add one to my instance and find out. I *do* know that having a quiet little Patreon link under every page of Rita worked surprisingly well.

hmm, here's a quick sketch:

@LoMakesComics (Apologies for not coming up with a better fake micropayment service than "buckulate", it's late and I should have some dinner.)

@rugk yeah i know about flattr. This is more like easily link to your preferred donation service. I dont like the idea of an algorithm deciding who gets paid and would also like to about centralization as much as possible

@LoMakesComics yeah, of course, but it showed the principle of a donation button next to share buttons

ou can do something like that with @Liberapay or so too, of course

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