i dont fukin know man painting takes too much effort lmao (wip)

still not sure if this project will end up being a comic or something else... vn maybe?

i might have started another comic project lol

Posting this thumbnail cause it’s practically spoiler free but also funny faces

a butt and the true message of god Show more

"Dragon Musketeer"

Second portfolio piece! ✨
I think I'm finally getting my art style to a place I'm comfortable with. Pretty happy with how this one came out! πŸ‰

just realized i never posted this one here for some reason, so here it goes:

this is Hermes, he can shoot a giant ouroboros made of sand out of his half-hourglass πŸ‘€ ✨ πŸ‰

"The Ogre's Kitchen"

I'm trying to get a portfolio going so here's the first piece i made for it. Expect more random stuff like this in the upcoming weeks lol

someone on discord was complaining about muscly women characters so i doodled this out of spite lmao

my Towards Eden updated last night with the last page of the first chapter! ✨

πŸ‘‰ Latest Page: towardsedencomic.com

πŸ‘‰ First Page: towardsedencomic.com/pages/1

New chapter should start next week. 😱

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