State of the Experiment!

really doesn't take much longer than grayscale per page once it's set up. And it's already waaay faster than my previous process :0

Gonna try to push it a bit more... So far extra color balance passes didn't bear much fruit. Tried a couple of color abstraction layers too but didn't like the results. I'd love to have some more hue variation in the skin tones but that's bound to add a lot of time per page... 🤔

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TIL in CSP you can clip mask folders with layers inside into regular layers and mix layer modes, and then also mask those folders as well. That is to say, I'm trying to concoct some sorcery to min-max comic coloring because it's 4am

a few sequential close ups of my short horror comic, The Oracle of Death.

published in Fantastic Frights by Cloudscape Comics.

more on the next post ->

some random WIP panels! ✌️

from my comic "The Lizard Prince" for the upcoming anthology "Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales: South America" by Iron Circus Comics

thumbs to finals process of a couple of panels!

this is from a comic me and Adam Ma worked on for the upcoming Songs of the Sea anthology by WildStar Press 😄

what are the art hashtags that people use nowadays here in mastodon?

I have a pinned column from a while ago but it doesn't get many posts... or maybe i need to switch instances?

okay so this is quick, low res, and made with reused art but like... I think I love it?

gave it a try to redesign daniel from Towards Eden in a much simple (and faster) style, while also kind of just letting go of everything in his design that I've been holding onto for the sake of consistency (of a character that I designed on the page like 4 years ago lmao)

Just a firt attempt, but honestly I'm really into this new direction.


Welcome to Mina's is an Anthology of Comics about Life, Love, and Food during 100 Years in a Vancouver Diner! 🍽️

Here's a couple of my favorite panels from our story, PLEASE check it out and share it if you can!

not exactly been a very productive year for me in terms of actually doing art but here's a small thread of some pieces i never posted here

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