a few sequential close ups of my short horror comic, The Oracle of Death.

published in Fantastic Frights by Cloudscape Comics.

more on the next post ->

some random WIP panels! ✌️

from my comic "The Lizard Prince" for the upcoming anthology "Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales: South America" by Iron Circus Comics

thumbs to finals process of a couple of panels!

this is from a comic me and Adam Ma worked on for the upcoming Songs of the Sea anthology by WildStar Press 😄


Welcome to Mina's is an Anthology of Comics about Life, Love, and Food during 100 Years in a Vancouver Diner! 🍽️

Here's a couple of my favorite panels from our story, PLEASE check it out and share it if you can!


not exactly been a very productive year for me in terms of actually doing art but here's a small thread of some pieces i never posted here

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