after years of using it had my first CSP crash ever! exciting! I wanna punch a wall

time and time again i am reminded my body needs some sort of regular exercise to avoid malfunction. But I just want to be potato

sick social media presence, excellent branding, creative website url and to top it all off, no sign of an about page anywhere on the site so you can't tell what the fuck we are! SUBSCRIBE

found an old grocery list inside one of my comic scripts lmao WHEN

@SunScales oh for sure, font size tends to be super deceptive to me on the screen too

me: eh no need to put an alarm, I had a good nap, it's not like i'm gonna sleep THAT much
16 hours later:

should've known, but it's SO useful to actually print my pages and look at them irl. It's not even about CMYK or colors. the differences in scale and density of detail alone are expanding my brain!!!

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State of the Experiment!

really doesn't take much longer than grayscale per page once it's set up. And it's already waaay faster than my previous process :0

Gonna try to push it a bit more... So far extra color balance passes didn't bear much fruit. Tried a couple of color abstraction layers too but didn't like the results. I'd love to have some more hue variation in the skin tones but that's bound to add a lot of time per page... 🤔

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@glitchritual i hear ya, I recently finished a comic for an anthology that took 3x as much as I expected lol

TIL in CSP you can clip mask folders with layers inside into regular layers and mix layer modes, and then also mask those folders as well. That is to say, I'm trying to concoct some sorcery to min-max comic coloring because it's 4am

I was just messing with color blind modes in a game, it made everything look pretty and purpley.
then i switched to the browser to search something and I see the color change in mastodon's tab icon, for a moment i thought the game messed with my whole screen colors lol

Spent the whole day cleaning the corner of the room I call my office. Of all the little nooks and crannies in there, surprisingly the grimiest and most disgusting thing was the underside of my mousepad.
Whatever was stuck in there would not come off easily. How?!


@glitchritual oh i didn't mean sleep deprived because it was at the end of the day lol, i just haven't been sleeping well lately.

Yeah same, at the end of the day I just feel "meh" about everything haha

I'm either making the best comics I've ever made or my sleep deprivation has me delusional. I'll find out in a week after I deal with this deadline lmao

I jus tried to google what a wrist brace is called by typing "wrist thingy for hurty?"

i draw from the shoulder so i can protect my wrist and hurt my shoulder instead lol orz

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