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people who use google docs: is there a way to see only the unresolved comments? the comments history tab is a mess and whenever i mark something as solved it gets moved to the top and I can't tell anything apart 😩


trying to figure out if im lactose intolerant by eating 1 kg of ice cream and seeing what happens

Sometimes i look at photos of regular people and think their heads are too small for a moment then realize my brain is fucked from all the big headed cartoons i watch, read, and draw.

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wise mans fear spoiler (-) 

me and my friends are all reading the same book except they're reading the spanish translation and im listening to the uk english audiobook.
It's funny to see all the little differences in interpretation we get, considering neither of us is reading the actual original books written for an US audience. And it gets even weirder with all the fantasy names lol they get odd translations, I get odd pronunciations XD

Does it hurt to get your ears pierced? As an adult i mean. Ive been thinking about it for months but im really squeamish XD

Wise Man’s Fear spoilers 

rich people 

So is there anything like hacker news but without the massive amount of reactionaries posting their ridiculous shit everywhere? Or is that such an intrinsic part of tech culture that it’s unavoidable?

some pizzas look delicious and some pizzas can look ugly but ugly pizzas can still be delicious

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Oh god i complwtely messed up my sleep schedule over the holidays i couldnt sleep till 5 last night and now in a walking zombie thank god this week is short

figured out that if I make pay directly to my paypal instead of letting them collect the money and sending it to me later, i don't have to pay that 30% tax. FUCK I WISH I KNEW THIS BEFORE

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