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#OnyxEquinox episode 5 is out now! Go check it out for free on crunchyroll! I hear many of you have been wanting to meet this character

¡Ya salió el episodio 5 de Onyx Equinox, véanlo gratis por crunchyroll! Creo que varios de ustedes querían conocer a este personaje

#monarobot #art

so i made a makeshift ergo grip thing for my tablet pen a while back. Incredible how just having a thicker pen softens my grip so much.
i had removed it cause it's ugly DIY garbage but im going back now lol
if anyone knows any ergonomic pens for XP-PEN tablets let me know!!

If i can get that second script done and sent this week, i might be able to start prepping for my webcomic again next week and might even be able to start remaking pages in January 🤞

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spent the morning going over that script again and finally sent it. now im gonna start on the other script for real XD

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I meant this to be like a two second drawing but then it took longer, so i wasted a bunch of time AND it's sloppy lol

anyway LONG STORY SHORT our party is in the Underdark and Ilix has gotten it into her head that she could be a bridesmaid, even if it's for an evil god wedding

so here she is doodling herself as a bridesmaid in her spellbook


i played a game of which one was the microwave safe cup and i lost

i basically spent the whole day making little holes on the wall with a drill

Just jumped out of the couch terrified for my life because my hair touched my hand and I wasn’t ready for it

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My base prices are currently $5 to $25! I take orders through DMs or ko-fi.


I will do:
- Humans, humanoids
- Some furries/anthros
- Real people
- Mild blood & gore
- Couple/Group art
- Timelapse GIFs

I'll be adding more full color options over time. If you have any questions, please DM me and I'll respond as soon as I can.

#commissionme #mastoart #CommissionsOpen #art

worked a bit more on the woodworking project but next I need to do a TON of sanding and it's raining outside rip it'll have to wait XD

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you know when you have like a part of your script that needs fixing like it's a big hole that needs filling and it's becoming a problem and then you find or figure out the PERFECTLY SHAPED piece to fill that hole? Mh! I LOVE that

ALRIGHT I think i finished the first draft of one of the scripts... now onto the next one

determination. willpower. im gonna get into a fight with a pizza and im gonna win.

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*walks into the therapist's office* fix me daddy

eye is healing great! scheduled a topography next month, we'll see if we can get some new glasses or even try those fancy rigid contact lenses...

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This is your occasional reminder that there is a character in Unicode that exists solely to encode the one time a monk doodled a little cluster of eyes in the middle of the phrase "manyꙮeyed seraphim".

let its septocular gaze fall upon you, and pray

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