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"capitalism is efficient"

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@LoboTom it is only a nice storytelling to outsource pollution, pay less the makers and escape fiscal duties.

Ok, it may sometimes get cheaper than the local product, but for food, this just gave tasteless and poor food. So, all this crap is just a mean way to earn "easy" money, nothing else

@LoboTom I agree with the sentiment - it's incredibly stupid. But it is the cheapest (most efficient in terms of money spent per cup of pears). Otherwise the pear barons would find a different, cheaper way to do it.

Where I'm from (Norway), they farm fish in local waters, ship the fish to China for packing, and then ship it back to sell to local customers, and it's still certified as sustainably produced fish.

@rysiek Yeah, I know the economical theories that explain this non-sens. But economical theories are only theories... @eviloatmeal

@LoboTom It is the opposite of efficient, of course - almost by definition. Consider the amount of useless stuff that is produced and marketed for people to consume (new clothes every season that will rot in the wardrobe). Consider planned obsolescence in electronics. Consider...

@digdeeper There is nothing efficient about this unless you're allowed to ignore the catastrophic costs of dumping all that diesel exhaust into the atmosphere.

@LoboTom raise the price of bunker c let's see if it's still worth it

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