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Alright, official post:
Hi, I'm lobster! I'm a podcaster, PhD candidate and hobby artist.
You can find my podcasts here:
and here:
and you wanna help a dude out, here's my ko-fi:

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Old screen. Here I am in the lobby of a Sheikah office complex

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Hey, I'm moving over to if you wanna follow me, that's where I'm migrating. Username is the same and I'll be importing my following list later. I'll also post this again

I had my party fight a modified Drider tonight fashioned be like quelaag and I thought it was fun

Maybe the *real* treasure was the gold and jewels that we found buried in this ornate box all along.

This is my , Caliban. He’s my great big bundle o’ fluff. He’s named after the character, not the one.

On that last boost; my chancellor wants to basically shred my department. Like, I can feel my blood pressure going up

Man. I'm glad this week is over and it's already Friday

*off-stage whispers*


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Tip for new folks: If you join an instance, then decide another instance is a better fit for you, you can create a new account and migrate your follower list over! It's in preferences -> import, or https://[your.instance]/settings/import

When I'm not drawing for work, I like to draw fan art for fun! I do a bunch of these for comic conventions as well.

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