Hello folks! First day on and trying to figure out how this works compared to other socials. I'll get the hang of it eventually hehe. Thanks to @dasgeek for introducing me to to this via his youtube channel. Have a great day folks!

@Logain Welcome! I sincerely hope that you have as much fun as I've had.


@Logain welcome! So glad to have you here. It’s a pretty awesome place !

@sproid Sir, we need to talk about your name. That can't be anything but related to is it?

No, it is composed of 2 of my favorite things in 1996 when I made my first email account.

@Logain Welcome to the party! :D
I'm an electronic music artist, I make videos about that stuff on YouTube. I make a loving doing graphic design and computer stuff. Let me know if you're into making graphics or sound and music with libre software a and Linux - I can help :)

@unfa Hi mate! Graphic design huh? What software do you use for that on , ? I have degree in "Indie game development" and hoping to use it some day. Gonna need some texture work among other things. I would be glad for any tips on what pros use :)

@Logain Sweet! I'd love to do stuff for games. I played with game design myself a bit. I mostly use Blender and Inkscape, also Natron, Krita and of course GIMP. As for making textures - I think the style defines the toolset to some extent.

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