I have had to listen to episode 4 of with @killyourfm and @dasgeek multiple times. Such a good listen for the linux gamer that i am. And now that is launching on Aug 27, and runs on it's time to just sit back, relax, and be happy!

@Logain Would you like to hear more gaming content on the show?

@killyourfm Well yes I would love that! But keep in mind that gaming seems to be a bit of a touchy subject for Linux enthusiasts. Even Liam over at @gamingonlinux often has to remind his readers that Proton actually helps Linux. But whenever he writes an article about some AAA game that runs great trough Proton there are some bad eggs that seems to want him to stick exclusively to native Linux games. I feel like a snowflake, I'm a gamer first, turned Linux user, so AAA is important in my world.


@killyourfm @gamingonlinux I'm walking around waiting and longing for the day "BattleEye" and "Easy Anti Cheat" works with Linux. That's the day "anyone" (read: all gamers) can make the switch to Linux.

@Logain @killyourfm @gamingonlinux this is why I run a windows vm with gpu passthrough. I love Linux but I’m not going to tell my friends that I can’t play apex with them.

@killyourfm @gamingonlinux Apex is a sore point in particular, I agree. Such a great game, it is kind of Fortnight and PUBG for grownups. It is free, and it worked on Linux at launch. Everyone was exited.... then anti cheat was turned on, and that was it. It hasn't worked since ofc.

@Logain @killyourfm @gamingonlinux Yeah. When the anti-cheat stuff comes to proton I'm going to be sooo happy.

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