If having a coffee in the morning doesn't wake you up, try deleting a table in a production database instead.

@LoganDice this is funny because table you'd place the coffee on, and suddenly you got coffee everywhere. 😂

@LoganDice I've tried that. Can't say I recommend it.

Stepping on a nail probably works just as well with less lasting ramifications. Even with a working backup.

@andrioid @LoganDice ...and if you step on a nail, at least then your Tetanus vaccination is up-to-date afterwards :)

@LoganDice i once deleted an entire production database by accident... we had three that needed backing up. i backed up two, then i had a total brainfart and thought i'd backed up the third. then the server was stopped, rinsed, restarted, and... when it came time to restore the third one i realised what had gone wrong.

@LoganDice "One little missing WHERE clause and about a million customers inexplicably moved to Poznań... "

@rysiek @LoganDice I would rather not, but I certainly recognize it could get much much worse.

Ah, yes, externalizing problems, @LoganDice. It'd wake everyone else up, they'd start calling me, and I'd replay a backup. I know how to do that because I regularily destroy the production environment, as I am the dev.

@LoganDice Unless your blood pressure drops and you keel over in shock.

@LoganDice I deleted an entire production database once, and went to sleep. In my defense, the db was labeled "test", should have been automatically backed up regardless, and I had been awake and on the job for 36 hours straight.


@LoganDice The journeyman electrician I was apprenticing under would sometimes deliberately hit himself with 120VAC to wake himself up in the morning.

@LoganDice holy crap! That gets the blood pumping. I've created queries before, forgot their purpose deleted it and had to recreate. Blood pumping.


Shot of adrenaline just imagining this ;_;

@LoganDice Nothing like a little bit of the old stress adrenaline to get your day going. Natural caffeine > covfefe 😂

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