Programmers: Always use descriptive variable names

Mathematicians: Single letter variable names always, ideally from obscure/dead alphabets

@LoganDice you cod combine the two and have unicode variable names

@LoganDice being able to use Unicode in quite a few languages opens up the possibility of using single letter variable names from obscure/dead alphabets 😂

@LoganDice This susdently reminds me Haskell's <*>, =>>, <$>, etc.

@veer66 @LoganDice my favorite part of Haskell is how a single character like . or $ can entirely change the meaning of an expression

@LoganDice Part of me thinks they're doing it to seem smarter to the people who aren't in on a joke.
That's trolling, people. Science level. We can all go home now.

@LoganDice the good thing is that you never use math in programming amirite? 🤮 😭

@LoganDice It's because mathematicians use the same formula over and over so the time spent learning wtf the squiggles mean pay off. While for a piece of code it makes more sense to optimize for easy of understanding when seen for the first time.

Another thing. In programming we focus more on which variables we perform operations on. But in math we focus more on the structure of operations we perform on the variables.
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