Babel: The Language Magazine, and the entire Linguistics Department that produces it, are under threat of closure due to cutbacks at the University of Huddersfield. If you follow my column in the magazine (or even if you don't), please consider writing to Vice-Chancellor Bob Cryan to voice your opposition to the cuts. Further details:

I'm amazed at the cheek of this 1980s company. Their advertisements focus solely on their claim that their fonts feature "true descenders" but include an "actual size" font sample very clearly showing the exact opposite.

Our little kitchen assistants are always happy to help clean up after accidents.

Tomorrow I'll be speaking about revitalizing at the online 2022 conference: Hope you'll register and join me there!

Hooray, I just watched my 2000th movie! But why oh why did it have to be this insufferable trainwreck?

For the first time in over ten years, I've managed to clear my inbox. Please direct all congratulatory messages to ;)

I remember way back when Jeff Bezos actually had to explain who he was when he sent me e-mails.

I've set up my own server, which is sort of like on steroids. Grab a client (if you don't already have one) and check out my capsule: gemini://gemini.logological.or

I've redesigned my website: Still needs some polishing but overall is much shinier than the previous version.

Two research articles of mine just got cited in a paper called "How Did This Get Funded?! Automatically Identifying Quirky Scientific Achievements". Still wondering what I should make of this… 😏

"Three Spanish universities" want my views on after telling me that using it is like attacking ships on the high seas, seizing their cargo, and kidnapping and murdering their crew. 🙄

I'm currently co-hosting an AMA on Reddit as part of the Big-8 Management Board. Stop by and ask us anything about !

The Dmitri Borgmann mystery has been solved, by none other than palindromist extraordinaire Mark Saltveit! His response to my article has just appeared in Notes & Queries:

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I got interviewed by the German tech magazine 1E9 about , computational humour, and stand-up :

I'm co-organizing a webinar on and on May 21, 2021. We'll present an overview of past and current approaches to computational humour, focuing on computer-assisted translation, commonsense reasoning, and neuro-symbolic integration. The webinar will conclude with a roundtable discussion with the audience on the ethics of humour and AI. Further details and registration:

Well, my ERC Starting Grant application is finally out of the way. With a 12% acceptance rate, it's unlikely that anything will come of it, but I will graciously consider the mere act of my submitting it to be a success worthy of celebration. :)

Tomorrow I'll be giving an invited research seminar at the University of Huddersfield's Department of and Modern Languages. My talk will cover challenges and technological solutions to the of humorous in literary texts. The seminar will be held online via Zoom; attendance is free with advance registration.

An alliterative is a sentence that contains all the letters of the alphabet and where every word starts with the same letter:

Impawning idols infrequently inject Izhevsk ibexes.

Anyone got further examples? More hints here:

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