ME: okay

FR: sixty

ME: yep

FR: sixty-ten

ME: what

FR: four-twenties

ME: okay c'mon now

FR: four-twenties-ten

ME: fuck you

To all the people pointing out how much worse Dutch is: lol holy hell you're absolutely right olestig.dk/dansk/numbers.html

@Logophobe the Swiss say 'septante', 'octante', and 'nonante', so I've more or less forgiven them for stashing Hitler's gold

@kanyewest I did not know this but it makes so so so much more fucking sense

@Logophobe Once I learned that Les Belges say "septante" and some Swiss even say "octante" & "nonante" I never looked back

@SallyStrange @Logophobe

I think Swiss people say "huitante", not "octante", at least the ones I talked to in Geneva did (they said "septante" too). "octante" may be for Belgian people.

It's way easier and if French people try to correct you they're pedantic shits :x

@Nocta @Logophobe it might have been "huitante," this was 1997 so my memories aren't reliable. But it was definitely a Swiss (redheaded, super cute omg) girl who told me about it. And yes. "Tu m'as bien compris, hein?"

@Nocta We (belgian) say quatre-vingt, but I must admit that it would be so great otherwise... @Logophobe

@HgO @Nocta @Logophobe I think nobody say "octante", but I say " huitante". People in Geneva say "quatre-vingt", people in other swiss-french part say " huitante".

@Nocta @SallyStrange @Logophobe Swiss people say "huitante", "octante" or "quatre-vingt". It depends of the area. It's very easy 😂

@Logophobe Ten
ten-nine 🤦‍♀️

@Logophobe oh my fucking God I just realized that quatre vingt is literally just four twenty

they have 2 weed numbers gdi

LB: Well *that* explains why when I set my wireless headphones to French I always heard the battery status readout as “10%” 🤦🏻‍♀️ thanks, French

@Logophobe Danish apparently does stuff like "eight and half-three" to mean 58.

@Logophobe my fave bit is that we used to have proper words for 70 / 80 / 90, and then got rid of them :')

@Logophobe four twenties ten seven, four twenties ten eight...

@Logophobe Wait...quatre vingt…four twenty. 420.

When you're old you're supposed to be stoned all day? 🤔

@Logophobe Quartre vingt dix. I was sure my french teacher was just fucking with us.

Gettysburg address

"Four score and seven years ago "

i.e. 87 years.

Dansk: ten, twenty, thirty, forty, half-threes, threes, half-fours, fours, half-fives, A HUNDRED.


Rest of world: base 10 is good, because of your fingers.

Dutch: [wiggles toes] hmm i dunno

ME : ok
JAPANESE : ten three
ME : oh, easy.
JAPANESE : hundred
ME : ok
JAPANESE : thousand
ME : ok
ME : what ? That’s ten thousand ?
JAPANESE : ten man
ME : wait ... Ten Ten thousand ?
JAPANESE : ten three ten thousand five thousand.
ME : the fuck ?!

And I didn’t go to Oku which is one hundred million.
One million : hundred ten thousand
One billion : Ten Oku

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