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Not sure if there's a term for this in English (something similar to "liminal") for something that is both amazing and terminally boring

About to parkake in the incredible miracle of human flight and despise every second of my experience

Hot Singles In Your Area Have Glowing Red Eyes And Are In League With Satan, Click Here To Die

"Yesterday's Enterprise" is a great TNG episode for many reasons, but mainly it's when Guinan introduces Worf to prune juice

1994 is as close to us as 2042, actually 2042 is way closer since we'll eventually get there but 1994 has been destroyed by the endless maw of the present. Anyway welcome to Chili's

To all the people pointing out how much worse Dutch is: lol holy hell you're absolutely right

What baffles me is how we’ve let conservatives make raising the minimum wage focus strictly on food service workers and not garbage men, elder care workers, and even paramedics jobs that are social lifelines that we’ve become so unaware of we let them be exploited that much


ME: okay

FR: sixty

ME: yep

FR: sixty-ten

ME: what

FR: four-twenties

ME: okay c'mon now

FR: four-twenties-ten

ME: fuck you

This isn't mine but it has soothed in my darkest times, please take it with you and cherish it.

SOME IDIOT BUSINESSMAN: Hello, ma'am, do you have the time?

ME: Uh, yeah, haha... it's 𝓵𝓲𝔃𝓪𝓻𝓭 𝓽𝓲𝓶𝓮. [opens my jacket and hundreds of lizards scurry out]

SOME IDIOT BUSINESSMAN: oh fuck yeah dude

My brain is so broken that I spent multiple weeks thinking was an explicitly kink-focused instance (and accepted that as a thing that existed) based solely on the words looking kinda similar

Man y'all ever think about how incredibly stupid it is that the internet is almost entirely financed by advertising. Like, imagine if busses were only paid for using the revenue from bus ads. And if not enough people looked at the ads for Target or a legal firm specializing in slip-and-falls, then their bus route stopped existing. How stupid would that be. That's basically what we're doing right now, but with online.

Perhaps the drivers' souls are bound to the engines to render the trains animate in some kind of grisly ceremony overseen by the Fat Controller. Surprisingly this is never explored in the childrens' cartoon

The human drivers in Thomas the Tank Engine (TTTE) are nothing but extensions of their engine's will, a meat puppet controlled wholly by the personality of the train

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