Daphni - Thriller (free download!)

This is a fun-as-fuck bootleg, builds upon the MJ sample so much that it all but drowns it out, treating it like a canvas. Nab this.

Dorian Concept - "A Mother's Lament" (from "The Nature of Imitation")

The whole album ended up being my top favorite release of 2018. I just really love this interlude.

Satellaview really was some of the coolest shit. Time-exclusive F-Zero tracks playing out with a full set of (live?) announcers, playing straight-up Doobie Brothers and Van Halen while you race. Like what the fuck, we missed out so hard.

Also stumbled across this D&B EP from Canadian artist @beatmool earlier this week, real lush. Love the pads throughout. beatmool.bandcamp.com/album/be

Have some Australian techno. Stumbled across this two-track release by Sleep D & Roza Terenzi a few nights ago, keep coming back to it. πŸ™Œ

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*So* close to being done with modelling office props. All that's left on my list now is modular office desks β€” corners, short and long ends, add-on drawers, organizer shelves, monitor risers. #3d #lowpoly

Tonight's work music is Gareth Clarke. Absolutely solid breakcore/IDM, consistently keeps it interesting throughout all his work. 🎢

I had no idea this was going to be so physically large and heavy, let alone a two-book collection lmao, I didn't read close enough. No complaints, just a big surprise.

I believe I have made a mistake of sizable proportions. Blu-ray is there for size comparison.

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Spending the new year modelling more extremely low poly and untextured office supplies, while listening to various early Ridge Racer OSTs. ✌

Literally four full days next week where I'm just doing nothing but watching speedruns, thanks to AGDQ. Worth it imo. (times are in my timezone lol, see schedule) gamesdonequick.com/schedule

(loud whisper) Seven Days Until Games Done Quick

The way "Retro Game Mechanics Explained" visualizes technical info continues to amaze me tbh.

The way they explain technical systems in a way that can be easily understood, but also visual details like displaying audio channels, or how they reveal & display pure data.

Real solid video production, consistently interesting channel. youtube.com/watch?v=gDLpbFXnpe

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Why use six sides to convey most tiny round cylinder objects, when you can use three

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Back on my bullshit, using BizHawk's support for Lua scripts to do cutesy info-border things. (this is currently 50% functional, 50% concept)

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Snouts is out here reminding me that I need to expand upon my own PokΓ©sona's Deep Lore. These are from last year, posted literally hours before Dusk-Form Lycanroc was officially revealed lmao. #art

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